Project Safe champions


We are getting a ton of press and interviews, allowing us to spread the word here. Its all good an I am delighted to far. We have now come out form the shadows and are getting others to join this project. To help everyone on the planet is a great goal and a goal I know we are all proud of. We all know the amount of work is substantial and the opportunities boundless.

With all this being said, I personally feel that we are on the edge of a small issue here. That issue is that many of the times I see MaidSafe or project SAFE I see the name David Irvine right there to. This to me is OK to begin with, but we should all be wary of it as we move on. I think we should not allow only a single name to be so associated with the project, for one I am not comfortable with credit and applause etc. I am way beyond happy to accept blame or critique and handle that. I would still defend any attack on the community or the MaidSafe staff, I have always had an issue with bullying, its my issue, but basically I defend people way to much at times. As I say I am happy to shield folks, its one of my dysfunctional parts, of which there are many, I am sure.

So with that said, I also see there are many working in the background, answering posts, doing job fairs (yea talking about you @ioptio) , presenting for TEDx ( @benjaminbollen) and the tons of us all working in the forums and mailing lists. This is a huge team and its being seen as me, which makes the project weaker.

I would like to seek your advice and support (again) to help out here. If we can have some of the community do some interviews and presentations and fairs in a way that we can share this about and show we are many, then it makes us stronger. I am not wishing to shy away from any duty I have and am more than happy to be part of these things, but I do see many people working away and I also think that may not be obvious to the general public.

So any ideas, or names that wish to be put into the basket to share these jobs would be amazing. I am happy to have you guys the community interview me as much as you wish to get any info you need from me to move ahead. I always say to the folk in the office, worry not about what you say, as long as its honest then even mistakes are powerful. So please do not think its hard or difficult. Those of us who believe in this vision can easily answer questions and put forward views, even telling people, this is my personal opinions and drivers helps to. That is why I have a personal blog, so I can explore many ideas and thoughts in a way it protects the project and MaidSafe as well.

So when we get interview requests and speaker requests in the office we can perhaps share this around and rather than create a minor celebrity we can further project SAFE faster and more decentralised than a single person would allow. Never mind the issue of different languages.

Anyway this is another ramble, sorry about that, but I hope we can expand the media capabilities of this project, its frankly an amazing thing to be involved in and please remember, I am the back stop for any blame or hassle, so know that :smile:

Basically this is a community and we should not need to ask whether we can speak for it, we all can anyway. I am not suggesting there is a need to approval to do so, its just MaidSafe is seen as a focal point at the moment and I think we can spread much of that about. Of course some people want to hear about the company, I am happy enough to handle that, although I will be continually pushing towards speaking about the project. Thats where this story rightly is at the moment anyway.


I agree. The SAFE Project is evolving into a community effort. Most of us are happy to help. I know I’ve been doing as much as I can.

At the same time, I struggle to understand the project. Thus my confidence is not 100%. It may be different for others, so I only speak for myself. When I can demo a live event, I will be more than happy to be a speaker.

The current state of this project is still morphing. It has not been fully shaped, polished, and set in stone. So trying to explain it is difficult.

But fear not, that transition will happen naturally in time. :sunny:


I can put the presentation slides online as soon as I’ve finished them. People are free to reuse them.


I’m doing a talk this summer at a Liberty Festival in New Hampshire with Brian Sovryn titled "AltTech: Decentralizing the Digital Evolution"
We’ll certainly be talking about MaidSafe and the topic could end up taking most of the time we have just because we’re both so excited about it. :slight_smile:

Speaking of, Brian is another one that deserves recognition, he has been bringing it up a lot on his podcast -
Ernie Hancock did an interview for Lets Talk Bitcoin that was mostly about how awesome MaidSafe was, too!

Anyways, I understand your concerns David but I don’t think you have to worry for too much longer. :slight_smile: It’s exciting enough to talk about this that people will just start doing it!
I think it’s just important for people to remember that not knowing the exact technical details isn’t a problem. I mean… I did a table at a job fair looking for builders and I certainly don’t know the details of what some of them would be interested in knowing.

Also, @benjaminbollen those slides would be great to see! Is your talk online, yet?


talk is on 22 may. Knowing myself it’s unlikely I’ll finish them before the deadline :smile:


Let me know if you can use an extra hand! :slight_smile:


Here is the Keynote (sorry, proprietary software … ) of the talk I gave today on MaidSafe. This link is to my dropbox, so it’s bound to break. You are free to take the file and use it as you will. There is no guarantee for accurately representing the MaidSafe project.

I will post the accompanying notes soon too, or at least the draft version of them.


You have no idea how great this makes me feel, well done Ben, a true champ!