Project SAFE: Boston + outreach at upcoming conferences

Hey everyone! A quick update on my end - I left San Francisco last week for the east coast for personal reasons. I have full faith in @dallyshalla to continue organizing SF meetups and once the network goes through launch, I expect a spike in interest around in-person meetups, so good luck to you my friend! I also just created a Boston meetup group: so please join if you’re based in the area! I’ll be on the lookout for venue options in Boston or Cambridge as well so if anyone has suggestions for that, please let me know.

Other than that, I’ll be attending and presenting at 3 upcoming events: Liberty Forum, Internet Freedom Festival and LibrePlanet. If you’ll be attending any of these, please let me know!
Both Liberty Forum and LibrePlanet are featuring a keynote from Edward Snowden - I’m not quite sure how q+a will work for him at each event but I’ll definitely try to get his opinion on problems with servers, etc. It would be great to have a quote from Snowden to include in our arsenal of outreach. :slightly_smiling:

At Liberty Forum I will be presenting about the project in a general sense (though I have a feeling a good amount of those folks will have already heard about it from Ernie Hancock’s show or Brian Sovryn or from meeting me at PorcFest), it’s history and progress from the past year. I will also be doing a lot of comparison to bitcoin/blockchain in my presentation. It is little known that the liberty community in NH is essentially the first community to have strong interest in bitcoin (you can see this via historical data of bitcoin node locations in the early days) based on philosophy and I think this is a great opportunity for SAFE as well.

At IFF, I will be leading a discussion on how to best communicate network topology and ownership (based around the blog posts I wrote a couple months ago) which will give me the opportunity to compare SAFE with Tor, bittorrent, bitcoin, etc. Since this event didn’t want presentations about products, I opted for a more general topic that is easy to tie SAFE into. I really look forward to this discussion and the feedback - I will definitely report back my findings! Additionally, this event is a week long which will allow me to meet lots of different kinds of people interested in internet freedom from developers to journalists and policy folks. I anticipate having tons of interesting discussions about Internet privacy and security and will aim to talk to Tor enthusiasts/developers/users.

At LibrePlanet, I will be presenting about new opportunities for open source developers and digital content creators to earn revenue. I will present a variety of attempts but will focus on where SAFE can help. Since I presented at LibrePlanet last year about SAFE itself, I anticipate lots of folks here having heard about it already so will keep updates on the project over the past year to “offline” discussions rather than squeeze this info into the presentation.

Anyways, I plan to have concrete summaries for the community of events I attend and present at going forward and am looking forward to being 3 hours closer to Troon (I can attend team calls now since they’re no longer at 5am for me) and in general being closer to Europe. I’m also happy to be nearby the liberty community in NH which will see a nice increase of members due to the Free State Project’s recent accomplishment of 20,000 signers which triggers those signers to move to NH in the next 5 years.


FYI NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden will be the headline speaker at the Free State Project’s 9th annual Liberty Forum, held in Manchester, New Hampshire from February 18-21.

I really hope he is on this forum already :wink:


Yep, he’s also keynoting LibrePlanet. But if you read the full post, you’d have seen that I wrote that already. :wink:


I had read right over that and then ended up reading what I posted from the Free State Project website. Good stuff @ioptio! Excited you are headed in that direction.

Does anyone know for certain if he (Edward) knows about SAFE? He would make quite the spokesman. Maybe this has been discussed before.


I recall it being discussed before. I don’t anticipate he would promote SAFE until later in the launch/testing phases even if he does know about it - he also most likely gets a lot of “look at my security project!” type things which is why I would approach getting his opinion from a more broad perspective (ie. problems with server-based internet.)


Great work @ioptio. I think the crypto community will go wild when the network goes live. We’getting far over 200 hits a day on good old Bitcointalk forum. Here on the forum we used to have these quiet days with 2 or 3 new users each day. Last weeks we’ve seen days with 20 new users daily. today it’s 8. Some project is getting attention :wink:


I’ll be attending Liberty Forum. See you there!