Project n99 - An Interactive Platform for Creators

No, just saying n99 is independent of Maidsafe and is only affiliated through this forum. but the plan is to use the safe network to host It’s content. N99 has it’s own network token, madisafe may be what you will need to buy your storage for streaming video in the future unless it becomes trade able for seed. Maidsafe and seed are two separate assets.


By decentralizing the content and the server content. We can give all the ability to users to censor them selves, rather than clrearnet central servers forcing us to police content. In an attempt to protect freedom of speech with out sacrificing the integrity of a quality web site with quality content. My understanding is that we want users to have total control of their streamed content. and that it isn’t taken down because of servers that think content violates their policy which is written by advertisers. Such is that happens often with you tube, but also other social engines like Gab. But can be censored by other users filter settings.

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Hello Everyone,

Network99 has been updated to include some improved options!

You can now choose to follow Friends, Groups, or even members that you haven’t friended.

The network feed is now inclusive of posts from members and groups, and you can customize it to show only who you’re following, or to see everything that is going on in the network.

In Groups you now have the option to ‘Follow & Be Notified’, giving you more control of group notifications.

There is also a setting at the top of the feed for showing or hiding your posts. If you would rather not see your own posts and just focus on the posts of others, you now have that option.

With this most recent update, you will notice that you are automatically following anyone you are friends with.

The style of the network feed has improved subtly, including addition of rounded corners here and there.

In case anyone noticed any missing tooltips on the reactions to peoples’ posts, those are now filled in.

Merit Badges will now appear in more places in profiles, for easier reference.

Please stay tuned for further updates, we are looking forward to including more exciting features!

Warmest Regards,



Apologies if this has been asked and answered: given the decentralised roots of n99 are you, or do you plan to centralise ownership and control of user data (social graph, posts likes, comments etc) ala Facebook in your Web based implementation (until SAFEnetwork is ready) ?

If not, how are you doing this differently (pre SAFE)?

If you are looking for ways to achieve user ownership of data before using SAFE, are you considering allowing users to host their own data (ie unhosted)?

Have you looked at remoteStorage.js or Solid and what are your thoughts on them for your application?

I’m very interested in these areas and any approaches to this. Thanks.


Continued from Part 1. Being a part of the community is an important step in developing the social networking aspect of the Network99 platform.
Come join the n99 community

Calling the tree to bend By Tundra

Thankyou for the support it step by step the ERA of the CREATIVE rises



any news about getting onto an exchange?


Really at start just get on cryptopia, and then go from there as far as exchanges go.


I guess it’s time to write off the BTC I dumped into this s**t

Felix Navidad

2KI7 was a year of lessons learnt and progress achieved - putting us in a great position for the final push in 2k18 Thanyou for the patience.
Here’s to a momentous 2k18

Step by step the ants are coming


Happy Hogmanay
As we’re drawing to the end of 2017 I wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for your support of n99 throughout the last year. With your help this information is reaching a wider audience and becoming less secret and unknown.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking an interest in n99 and creativity, thank you for realising this knowledge is valuable, and thank you for understanding the importance of spreading it far and wide, digitised and in new formats so it is not lost to this current generation.

It’s been a long journey to get here, but somehow it still feels like it’s just getting started… Let’s make 2018 a year for remembering and celebrating heritage and culture. Learn to paint, write poetry, take up a traditional craft or visit some ancient sites - do whatever works to rekindle the fire that once burned in the bellies of our ancestors.

Wishing you and yours only the best for 2018.



hate to say it , but ants don’t live this long.

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no need to be a negative nancy now

Final Update of 2017.
I have taken the month of December to research and assess the Network99 project’s potential options for development, and have concluded (upon recent discoveries as outlined in N99 vitals and S.W.O.T. Analysis available for all original investors in the N99 project’s 2016 crowdsale) my work.

All original 82 Bitcoin addresses will be eligible to receive this analysis, all other investments made outside of BTC will have to help discover their connections, as I do not have those details.

To receive the analysis you must be an original crowdsale investor, and you will need to PM me here with verification that you own and are in control of the address which you used to send funds to the crowdsale investment address. You will also need to provide an email address where you want to receive the analysis packet. This offer ends January 31, 2018, the final date for submittal. These terms must be met for a response:

If you invested in the N99 2016 Crowdsale with BTC:
You can prove that you own and are in control of your investing BTC address AND provide an email to receive the packet in one step, by signing a message in your or Electrum wallets. The message needs to include the email address to which you want the packet sent.
Refer to the following links for help with this first step:

Electrum wallet

Once you have your message signature, visit and enter your address, message and signature. Click verify. If you receive the ‘Verified’ message in green at the bottom, copy the URL of this web page. PM this URL link to me.

If you invested in the N99 2016 Crowdsale with MaidSAFE:
Anyone with MaidSAFE asset investments please contact me in a PM. Your information must match the final N99 MaidSAFE figure upon the close of N99 crowdsale in order for your information to be valid and prompt a search analysis.

Thank you.


To sign in omniwallet , Go to ‘My Addresses’ then in ‘actions’ click ‘sign message’


Sounds like you are trying to contain this information. I am not sure that is a good idea really, for many reasons. Fundamentally though some person will leak it and then its out and seems like a scoop, others interested in buying/selling are disadvantaged without this knowledge (shaky ground), but its also a lot of hassle for potentially little reward. Personally I would publish and make it open, then you will get the best feedback from those supporters who may have more info/different info etc.

Anyway, as I say, personal thoughts, its entirely up to you how to play it, but I think you are creating work for nothing trying to limit the distribution of a doc in today’s world. (not getting into the debate, everyone knows where I stand on research data, but this is not about that).


well its 1st of the year, is there a ETA on when going on exchanges ?

Of course my post gets hidden. No one here likes the truth. The investors in N99 are all cheated in my opinion, @we_advance is a scammer and the entire community tolerating this toghether with the thread moderators are guilty of this and should be held responsible.

The project’s dead, no evidence that the money has been appropiately used has been made. All we get is some ant pictures, a roadmap that never fulfilled anything.

Peace out homies

Do you have any evidence, or just unsubstantiated slander based on your own whims?

You’re making serious accusations they should not be tolerated without evidence to back them up.

Even if N99 were to fail, that wouldn’t make it a scam. I’m sure @we_advance has been doing his best, which is all people can ask, and the project has been moving forward with the pre-alpha network that’s running (yes, the UI is clunky, but that’s fine for a pre-alpha test).

Please give any evidence of wrongdoing if you have it, or stop slandering.

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One of the community members involved closely in the N99 project contacted me personally and I found out about the mismanagement. I will let him decide whether he wants to go public or not.

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pretty clear that SFcoin is telling the truth, its been almost 2 years and we have nothing, no exchanges, a pre-alpha that barely works, look at project decorum Atleast they put there coin on a exchange after there crowdsale.

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