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hmhmm stupid question - i might have missed something but is there a safenet-version in alpha 2 online as well …?


…like it, good work :slight_smile: :+1:


Thanks for the kind words #stepbystep

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Good question! We will commence work on safenet version at start of new year. clearnet version is for working out the bugs :slight_smile:
start of the year is also an ideal time to get the network token onto an exchange but there is the omniwallet exchange already in place for folks to buy and selll the tokens they have.


okay - sounds reasonable! i just was a little bit confused and thought i was being too stupid to see the link :roll_eyes:


@Lee_Travis and @holly drop by the Imaginarium and Chat about n99.

network99 is a social and content sharing network, where content providers will be able to:
-upload content to a cryptographically-watermarked and secured decentralized database;
-promote content via integrated social media tools;
-and receive direct rewards for network activity generated by their content.

be one of the 99, sign up at
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Its been over a year, is this ever going to be put on a Exchange?


So my old man is a DJ in his free time and is always looking for ways to empower the artists when possible.

One idea we’ve had is a digital signature at the end of a song, like an invisible QR code that an app could pick up on, that would be silent to the human ear but could take you to the artists donation or profile page or something.

Because the issue is DJ’s always play new artists songs at the clubs and the DJ’s certainly get paid but the underground cutting edge artists from Dpub or Traxsource etc never really do.

Just wondering if anyone knew of any technology That could enable this, or ideas of where to look.

Maybe a SAFE App, or n99 feature :smiley:


Sounds like a great use case for steganography – a technique of embedding data within digital files (like images or audio). The basic theory is that you can modify least significant bits of a file to encode a message, in this case, it could be a short link to the artist’s page.

The idea is modify the bits that have the least impact on the image or audio clip, so that even after encoding the message they still look or sound the same to humans.


This is a very interesting tech with pros and cons. Here are some of the cons or pros depending on the person and use of using it.


By year end if all goes right :slight_smile:


Network99 is already shaping up to be a vibrant community platform, and we would like to thank everyone who is helping us build the features and functionality of this site with your contributions and time. This network aims to reward you for your participation, and it is with the most direct participation by you, that we will swiftly advance to giving everyone something to use, enjoy, look forward to, and be proud of.

It is very important that everyone know exactly where we are in terms of moving to the next phase. When this site is fully live and performing impressively, all the community members will have many features at their fingertips for gaining exposure for their content, along with the ability to maintain a strong network presence through interaction with community members, followers, patrons, friends.

Some of these features, such as the Community Feed, Groups, Questions Forum, Downloads and Listings are already available; and your continued involvement with them only strengthens their functionality.

Remember that we are in early testing phase. You may not always see something working exactly as it would be when the site goes to Beta. Not many are aware of what it takes to construct the backend that supports these features, and if you are interested in this side of things we are open to your questions by posting to us on the Questions Support Forum, or by messaging @Lee or @Holly directly within the Network99 Community.

You can also read more about our achievement system in @Lee’s posts, and understand how to get involved:
Getting Started Part 1
Getting Started Part 2

Warmest Regards,



Is this project a direct competitor to project Decorum? Just trying to understand it a bit more.


network99 Getting started Part 1

If you have arrived here and signed up, you may already know of the future plans of Network99. This site is currently in pre-alpha phase. This version is the first release and is meant to be tested, and refined with the help of the Network99 community, before the Safenet version will be released. You are among the first users and you are considered an early adopter. All early adopters will be rewarded with seed, an encrypted asset, connected to the blockchain ecosystem, just before the initial coin offering. Amounts will depend on how high your rank gets before that time. Details on rewards to come in a later part. The ranking system keeps track of your achievements through an Order of Merit system. The first merit to obtain is: the Ollaire. This initial achievement is earned by registration with the community, profile completion and community involvement.


Do you have a link, I am not aware of it?

N99 is for musicians/artists (creators)
Decorum is like a decentralized Facebook (maybe), with more freedom for the users and their data.
But in all honesty everything on the SAFE Network is hyper-connected (it’s just if we realize that we’ll be better off if you can pay with n99 seeds on decorum’s platform and vice versa (LOL this would already eliminate the idea of exchanges)).


This is a super idea! do you have any connections? Have you joined N99?

I know that some people will argue and say “my token is an application specific token”, what it really is is a translation of value. 1 dollar = 0.84 EUR = 0.000139100XBT just translation, still people want to get lost in translation with exchanges that bring fees and waste time. Is it not strange that over 100 Ethereum projects tokens can all be stored on one privatekeys, yet these projects don’t let each others value flow through their apps? They’ve become their own dull stations, clueless of what liquidity would do to speed up things.

On our SAFE Network app you’ll be able to pay with every SAFE Network token. It might even get interesting to see every app accepting every value, that way we can really see which tokens are more popular and free users from the burden of exchanges. Luckily SAFEcoin will give us a better anchor of value.

The funny talk of the day is that BitConnect is a scammy project, my personal view is regardless of it being a scam, what’s more valuable is that it is a decentralized currency worth even more than the government currencies out there. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for my rant.

No I don’t have any connections. Sorry to busy at the moment to join N99, but I do have seeds :wink:


I think I ran across something that teaches how to script that, could defiantly be a possibility.

I don’t know when N99 will be on the SAFE Network, but maybe we could run some tests together, preferably with other SAFE Network projects as well. Our wallet can now create new wallets, assets and mint coins, it just needs the transfer function.

To get back to this a little, I think SAFEcoin is the most valuable asset on the SAFE Network, because its controlled by the SAFE Network (Jippy! finally something out of the control of these control freaking humans :stuck_out_tongue:) and it can be used to buy resources. Through SAFEcoin powered crowdsales or SAFE tokens we can determine the value of a project. If we do a crowdsale and sell 1 million tokens for only 10 SAFEcoins, that means those tokens are worth 10:1000000=0.00001 SAFEcoins (I don’t know if this demonination is even possible @neo help! :scream:). Now if I pay for an N99 service with my tokens that would almost be like a buy order from your app from an exchange perspective, this in itself would make me pay for your service at the price that you ask and push up my coin with a small % in value depending on how much it’s used on services. Buy&sell are one in this liquidity pool and you could even get 1000 different SAFE Network tokens at once, important is that the price that you asked is paid and the tokens spread across the apps on the network. I think this way we completely eliminate exchanges, avoid tokens remaining dead in a wallet and extremely diversify our portfolio. The fun part: the more tokens your project prints the less valuable they might be depending on your crowdsale.

I don’t know how to work this all out, but we can try to free our users from this highly inefficient financial landscape that we’ve recreated in the cryptospace.