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To simplify I think n99 and art in general should focus not on controlling content or on what OTHER people do but on giving artists to control what THEY can do. This in essence is what I think the philosophy should boil down to: Not attempting to control what others do or even what they do with any type of content but rather controlling one’s own actions and having creative and financial flexibility. Control and change yourself not others.

This is even more important for n99 since n99 is ALSO a communications forum. We are not just discussing copyright here but also censorship, which ALSO conflicts with privacy, security and freedom and censorship is ALSO based on an authoritative model. This is why I have gone on to such length about this because an authority model SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK on SAFE and is fairly futile on the net in general. Moreover it is in a large part something many of us are building a decentralized internet to get away from. So it seems ironic that a few of the first apps we build then immediately talk about incorporating it into their make up. This is precisely why I accused n99 of being a sell out. Because if it is in favor of content moderation or even attempts to defend copyright then it is simply immitating the authority driven model of governments and corporations. If x or y group wants a private moderated chat channel so they can have holier than thou Christian rock or inflate your ego political condom commercials I really don’t care but the whole NETWORK shouldn’t need a terms of service and have to agree not to post x or y content. Ultimately because attempting to monitor them would be impossible and because if you can monitor one kind of content you can monitor another kind. This means n99 could be sued at some point or allowing “hate speech” or “fake news” or any number of other things on their site. But if they rig it where they can’t and DON’T moderate anyone and where users manage their own filters and content they’re less liable.


There are limitations on all things. We’ve made no concrete claims, and don’t care to track, control, spy on or censor anyone. Building something is a lot more difficult than sitting on the couch. I am sure most of us, Including myself, appreciate your concerns, and 99% of what you are saying about how things should be is correct, but no machine code exists that can do exactly the things that you say - this needs to be written. I could always use a hand. I don’t believe there will ever be a network that lives up to your standards unless you do the building. :slight_smile: To call n99 a sellout before you can even get on the network and explore I feel is quite unfair, and lends itself to an unproductive method that doesn’t change things for the better. To constantly smear n99 rather than actually sitting down and maybe writing some logic that a machine could read, instead of stating loosely fitted together Ideas without machine logic, isn’t helping and makes for no forward progress. It may be that certain things you have mentioned will be achievable in the future, no vision while being created is perfect right out the box. The big question here is not what to do but rather how to go about doing it. If, then,else…


If you want a hand I’m here. I can’t code (not all that well anyway) but I can help with logic. My standards aren’t really all that high. I’m just basing all this on logic and practicality. If you want my help all you need do is ask.


The old saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword” is a very profound concept in regards to computers. Simple code that is written can control and direct someone’s life unnaturally; it is now the new method of mind control. and is increasingly becoming an occult knowledge base and the outer entry levels have been turned into a complex maze of logic hidden in plain sight, designed to mislead the general public away from the actual control of their lives. Our task is to give them something that they don’t understand, but need desperately because of the closing doors of freedom. We have a paradoxical task, because we want to decentralize centralization. If you can’t write code there are other ways to be productive. I for one find flow charts a very useful tool when converting an idea to a button or series of choices. I come here to this forum seeking solutions and although this forum has been useful, it has not presented itself as a think tank for me. I can make no promises, of course, but I’m sure that those that volunteer to an amazing system would be uplifted, recognized and rewarded.


Flow charts I could do. :smile:


@we_advance: hey, any chance to have the token listed on an exchange this month?


I am not in-charges of promises but It would be interesting to get an opinion from the group as to which exchanges, holders would prefer.


Bittrex would be the obvious one to try imo, but you seem to need to know someone on the inside really. A lot of projects out there are trying to get listed.

You have no chance with any of the other big exchanges until you have a working product and established user-base these days.

We need a decent decentralised exchange really.


network99 testing phase environment open

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The devs shld def get in touch with Bittrex on Slack, they listed Safex without too much trouble & that worked out good, so theres good chance. Theres always cryptopia, Ccex.


network99 testing phase environment is open
more details to follow
Huge S/O to @Lee_Travis @holly @dleight1 and all network support team and everyone on SAFE forum step by step the ERA of the CREATIVE is RISING

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that’s not exactly how it worked with Daniel,

it was the earlier days of Bittrex, compliance was much more lax and I heard he had some back deals which helped.

so this statement and viewpoint is not very accurate and times have drastically drastically changed since then as well


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If anyone would like to earn seed by helping me with tasks, and testing the network. shoot me a pm. :slight_smile: I am looking for a few good people.


Does anyone here have connections at cryptopia?


afaik you just have to pay to get listed on cryptopia. It’s not that much as I remember, although that might have changed.


Thursday 21hrs BST
LIFE IS PEOPLE #3OO Ceiling Demons and @Lee_Travis
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n99 beta is now live look forward to connecting with you on n99 thanks for all the inspiration
step by step the ERA of the CREATIVE is RISING
look forward to seeing you on the other side :wink:


he meant to say Pre-Alpha. :slight_smile: