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Step by step by step the ERA of the CREATIVE is rising


Love the Glencoe painting… maybe you should just paint the interface :smiley:


if only it were that easy :wink:


This project looks amazing. I wish I’d invested. :confused:


I think there was a plan for future rounds of crowdsales once the goals of the first round were met, so you may yet get a chance.

Am I right in saying that was / is the plan @we_advance? I couldn’t see it in the whitepaper, so perhaps I made it up!


Thanks! I hope you are right!


I have a terrible feeling I’m not remembering correctly (after looking through some of the thread).

Given only around $40k was raised in the crowdsale, I expect people would be willing to invest a bit more given the progress being made on what is for the crypto space a very small budget (but still a lot of money!), but I don’t know how that would work with the seeds supply etc.


no i dont think thats correct. imo it wld be good to get listed on an exchange so atleast people interested can buy some before launch!!? you cld try buy some OTC , maybe make a thread? use escrow?


yes, we should discuss this. when do you have time?


it actually is but it is a big painting, Michelangelo didn’t paint the Cistine chapel all by himself!! :slight_smile:

there is still time to get involved in this are you still interested

This is accurate but there are many other ways to get involved right now. I

If you are interested in the future of N99 and want to help please contact me.


n99 Q n A

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n99 Order of Merit

n99 Order of Merit - OoM
network99 order of merit is to signal rank of the user. A meritocracy based on equality of opportunity where members [n99ers] can gain rewards and status via their interaction with the network.

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#step by step the ERA of the CREATIVE is RISING


n99 Testing Phase coming very soon

We will be sending out n99 test packages soon
#step by step


Looking good dude, well done.


step by step the ERA of the CREATIVE is RISING


I think this kind of thing would have been better done using regular text. Can’t copy/paste a youtube.


n99 QnA


“Q9: That sounds great when you frame it in the context of individual artists but it could also be used by big corporations to force people to pay every time they want to watch their favourite cartoon or episode, or whatever. n99 could easily become the new model for TV. If I download something I want to own it. I want to be able to load it on my phone, mp3 player, put it on an external hard drive, make amvs out of it, whatever.
A9: Copyright for creative content (art / music / literature etc.) innately belongs to the person who created it (i.e. the artists) in all jurisdictions. Exploitation of artists in the past has occurred when they have signed over their copyright to the record company / agent in return for financial advances to fund recording / tours / promotion etc. Some high-profile examples are: Paul McCartney purchasing back the copyright to his tracks decades later for exorbitant sums of money and Prince changing his name so that Sony did not have the rights to his as yet unwritten material, Both actions being to counteract naively signing contracts which handed over copyright in their youth. N99 will facilitate enforce ability of copyright for individual content providers not replace it.”

You are being evasive here and do not actually answer the question. Cool you are cutting out the middle man. I no longer need a publishing house. You are essentially promoting mass self publishing. Awesome. That does not answer the question stated. The question was about wanting to own one’s data. if I buy a CD I want to be in control of that data. I don’t want you to come into my house and take away the CD because YOU feel like you still own it. If I download a piece of music or art I don’t want you to remotely delete it because YOU feel like you still own it. That isn’t ownership that’s RENTING. If an artist retains ownership of art AFTER someone pays for it then it isn’t a purchase it’s a rent agreement. I don’t want to RENT art I want to BUY it. If I buy a statue to put on my lawn or a painting to hang on my wall I don’t want the artist that painted it to send in the repo guys at some random moment. Who owns the art? The one who created it or the one who paid for it?

The problem with digital art is that it can be infinitely copied. But see in order to transfer it you need it to be decrypted. You may be able to watermark at file on the safe network. But a) If it’s visually watermarked it will lose value. b) if it’s watermarked using metadata all the user has to do is download it, change it ever so slightly then reupload it to the SAFE network. It will be a totally NEW file without a watermark and free to be pirated.

Which again begs the question: By promoting copyright how are you different than a corporation? As you are still vunerable to the SAME issues corporations are. it doesn’t matter if the artist is indie or a corporate label. If their material is copyrighted and someone prevents one from doing what they want to do it’s all the same. Why would the name on the label matter?

“A10: Art can be a product; a service, a gift or a curse AT THE CREATORS DISCRETION, as it always has been. N99 is a service that connects content providers with content consumers in a fun and rewarding way.”

So you’re saying it’s entirely up to the artist. Fair enough. But code still = politics.


Haven’t followed in detail so apologies if I’ve missed key parts of this discussion.

I see that renting v ownership is important to you, and I see you acknowledge the artist’s problem that with digital content there’s no way to offer ownership (that I know of) without exposing themselves to easy theft of their work, which is very hard to do anything about as individuals - which is one reason so many end up in the clutches of corporations which turn very heavy handed and use their power in undesirable ways.

So I’m wondering what could be done about this - @Blindsite2k is there a practical solution or any ideas for how to tackle this problem?

Or am I missing the point here - because I see that you are pointing out the similarities with the existing system where corporations end up with so much power and everyone else is not well served - most artists and consumers/fans - again, do you have any thoughts on practical alternatives?

I think it’s a really tough problem so I don’t expect you to solve it, but I’m interested to hear any thoughts in this direction because it’s obvious you care about this and have thought quite a lot about it. And from any others of course.

I don’t mean to derail this topic, so if necessary it can be split.


Hi Blindsite2k I have been reading your posts and appreciate your questions and your frustrations. I myself have felt this way. I apologize that I have not been available until now to interact with this discussion. the simple answer to the statement above is there is no way for us to control your data once you have it. once you have it, it’s yours to do with as you please. on another note I noticed you had other questions that have gone unanswered, perhaps because up till now they were unanswerable by us but now there is a better understanding of what to do and what questions we need to ask ourselves. I am happy to answer or discuss any of your questions, we can start with the ones you feel the most pertinent.

@Blindsite2k to your first point Admitted, you are absolutely right about copyright. which leads us to another question how to reward and protect artists.
I really like all your other ideas love to chat about them. So i am basically blocked from replying in these topics as I have reached my limit of 3 replies. We can chat else where about or an admin can approve me on this chat. I guess I can introduce myself here. I am working on n99 and ready to answer these questions and am loving the enthusiasm. thank you all for your interest. I am the guy that @We_advance never talks about.