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next step is development of the n99 U.I will be posting the n99 roadmap imminently

#step by step the ants are coming


Attactiks are a new unsigned Rock/Metal/Rap/Alternative band from Bundaberg Australia and of the many creative people who are inspiration and drive in building n99 creation held is the seed - creation shared is the flower
Shoot the breeze by Attactiks

Ink on paper
#n99 because music inspires art


HUGE S/0 to Raintown was great to connect #stirling



hi man) how is development?)


As promised here is the n99 road map // dev update May 2016. n99 seed distribution took longer than expected however we made great progress setting up the project and finalizing specifications. These are the greatest days to be living in with every step the era of the creative rises.

#step by step the era of the creative rises


Very nice update guys - love the visuals & detail.

Will be great seeing this come together!


great job thanks ))))


Whats the score with n99 & exchanges? @we_advance are you actively seeking getting listed? If so Bittrex listed SEC & now PDC so would be a good bet. you would need to contact them on slack and go through a verification process.


good idea this is spread our coin among other crypto-community not only maidsafe


I disagree. It would be bad for the project and holders to get seeds on an exchange atm imo. Just enjoy the creative process and ignore the people who don’t understand that demand has to be created before a market for it can exist.

I hope you will ignore these kinds of requests for a long time Tim. There is no value in getting the coin out there when the product is still in its fetal state.

Good luck with the work, look forward to seeing what you come up with!


I agree with Jabba, this is a not a quick buck project, These guys invested in the wrong concept if they thought they were going to make a quick buck just like all the other ICO’s out there. First impression is everything, if people were to look up N99 right now they may find themselves disappointed with the project in its current state only damaging the project.


exactly discussed seeds and exchanges on life is people #137 Blockchain dynamics LIFE IS PEOPLE #137 Blockchain dynamics [quote=“Jabba, post:232, topic:8806”]
Good luck with the work, look forward to seeing what you come up with!
Thankyou for your kind words step by step the era of the creative rises


How are things progressing? We are nearing the end of June and I was wondering if you have come across any difficulties or possible delays.



In the process of designing the n99 U.I atm here is an exclusive glimpse of the n99 U,I blueprints

Image/Rating ink on paper

Ignition Key ink on paper
#step by step the ants are coming


Nice one…

don’t forget to watch this talk again too. It’s a must see before designing imo :slight_smile:

Good stuff dude.


n99 road map // dev update June 2016

The majority of time and effort expended during June has been on engagement with the wider community to identify potential alliances and joint projects.
A number of open source components have been identified as providing required functionality and co-operation secured from coding teams.
The user interface specification has been completed in advance of the planned date and is currently being dissected into work packages ready to offer to the coding community on a bounty basis.
Work packages will have quality criteria against which each will be tested prior to acceptance
The interface specification cannot be completed until key elements of functionality are released by the SafeNetwork. In the meantime internal interfaces will be specified and built.
The release management plan is dependent on Safe Network and SafeCoin release for full functionality with a view to mitigate this by releasing components on existing platforms for system, integration and user acceptance testing with network integration testing delayed until required functionality is available.
Delay in completion of the detailed design has been offset by both recent and projected increase in the value of Bitcoin and has prompted consideration of which components over and above minimum value product could be potentially incorporated for release 1

#step by step the era of the creative rises


How are things coming along?


with launch of alfa safenetwork can you create app now?)


Been quiet for a while, hope all is going well…

These new api docs of any use to you yet?

Obviously you can’t get very far until the network itself is further along, but it would be great to hear that you were able to make some kind of headway with development now? Obviously, you’re not enlisting daniel’s help any more, do you have plans for who you’ll be getting to help you with that side of things now?


n99 road map // dev update July 2016

The majority of time and effort expended during July has been on refining the design. Work package definition was delayed to illness however will be completed early this period. We will be offering bounties to the coding community for component development. The release management plan is dependent on SAFEnetwork and SAFE coin release for full functionality with a view to migrate this by making the application platform agnostic, this way integration and user acceptance testing will not be delayed.

Huge s/o to everyone sent get well messages of support it meant a great deal step by step Dawn is on her way back to full health #lifeispeople