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Are you still planning to launch the product on the Safe Network or are you migrating temporarily to another network?

Also, interested to know the burn rate and if the finances are still OK for the project.


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we are anticipating SAFE being available with sufficient capacity for our users requirements. We do however have a risk mitigation plan if that is not the case

Still operating within budget with the increase in the coin values compensating for delayed deployment and though tight a launch for autumn is both achievable and necessary to raise funding for next development. Hence the need to prepare for the possibility of SAFE not being stable enough for us to deploy


Thankyou we will keep you posted vis a via testing

thanks as always for the continued support


Unleashing Human Potential



Step by step the ANTS are coming the ERA of the CREATIVE is RISING

n99 overview videos



Hello so I see this is also an Omni coin,

I wanted to know where I can buy or sell it for liquidity, is this possible? I had trouble finding answers on CoinmarketCap for it, the n99 “seeds” omni coin #60


Seeds are not on any exchange, and if I remember correctly it’s not planned that they will be. I think the best you could do is make an offer here, or ask for potential sellers to get in touch.

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Seeds are not currently being traded on exchanges – which wont change unitl we go live - there will be the ability to earn seeds via the n99 testing packages which we will giving more info on soon.

or follow @DavidMc0 insightful suggestion

Vis a via the CoinmarketCap

Total amount of seeds = 99999999 seeds of which 10% were released via the n99 crowd sale

#Step by step the ants are coming


n99 Testing Phase coming soon



And what is your backup plan if SAFE isn’t ready for deployment?

Also I have a few questions.

  1. How are seeds aquired in the first place as you need seeds in order to join the n99 network?
  2. If dislikes/negative reviews result in n99 getting all 100% from those reviews what is to prevent n99 from encouraging negative reviews in order to gain profit?
  3. How are seeds cycled back to the public after the seed engine returns them to n99?
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Alright I thank you for your answers! Best of luck

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We are currently analysing cost/ capacity & processing performance of a number of alternative data / file storage solutions as an interim option until SAFE is ready. The status of SAFE will be reviewed in the near future for deployment readiness and a decision will be taken whether to pursue the alternative storage solution for a limited period of time, The decision will be communicated together with a short-list of recommendations and associated analysis.

A limited number of seeds will be allocated for testing / promotional purposes (exact number yet to be determined), these seeds will be reserved and phantom seeds issued to the testing cock-pits for use during testing activity. Once integration and penetration testing have completed satisfactorily, live seeds will be available to purchase and associated crypto-wallets activated to enable secure transfer of value.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention: the seed engine mechanics video was misleading as it has the following step in the process ommited : - When n99 retained value (1%) from user activity (excluding content download) reaches 100 seeds in value, 99 of these seeds are scattered randomly amongst all users on the network. n99 retains only 1 seed (1%) from this amalgamated total for it’s own income to mitigate profiteering by the network with the random scattering of the 99% to mitigate users profiting directly by their activities.


Supplementary Comment: the Seed Engine Mechanics video is currently being updated and will be re-issued at the start of testing together with associated documentation



Testing phase coming soon


In short you don’t know but are thinking about it and keeping a close eye on SAFE and will keep us informed.

In short pay to play and you need to buy seeds. Then my next question is what happens if the price of an n99 seed is $50 or $100? Hell even at $5 a seed that could get rather pricey if you’ve got a lot of content to share. (Say I write 10 poems. At $5/seed that would be $50 to upload.) So what happens if seeds become too expensive for users to buy in the first place? And don’t tell me this CAN’T happen because we all saw what happened with bitcoin and etherium.

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content providers can earn seeds from each individual piece of content, the cost of entry in the example would be $5 for a single seed to upload a single poem. When this initial piece of content has earned a second seed $5 (1 download or multiple user interactions with the content) the user can use the earned seed to upload a second piece of content, etc until all 10 poems have been uploaded. This does go some way to tackle the inflated cost of entry though does not counteract the potential increase in value between upload and income seed received.
In response to what happened with bitcoin and etherium we are currently working on the feasibility of a fixed internal rate of return (IRR), with n99 realeasing seeds for sale at this fixed rate in order to temper the price on the open market. The finer details of which are still being analysed for feasibility and stakeholder impact over the long & short term.


This would place great emphasis on preasure on the user to ensure that their “debut” content, that is the first content they uploaded, appealed to a wide audience and gained a lot of profit. But no one knows what exactly people will like. The first episode is not necessarily the best episode so to speak.

How would you address inflation or relative costs? If the price of a seed is fixed then as value of one’s local currency droops then the value of a seed (and all crypto for that matter) will rise relatively speaking.

May I make an alternative suggestion on how to run your system? Allow the user to invest however much they wish into the seed engine and then base the following formulas based on that initial investment. You already pointed out in the video you have 0.5, 0.1 and 0.01 seeds so you already have a fair bit of flexibility there. You could even add a milli seed if need be, 0.001 or micro seeds 0.0001 The point being if you invest a small amount you get less profit but it’s also cheaper for your potential customers to download. If you invest more then you make more profit but it’s also more expensive for your customers to download. n99 still gets 1% and the user still gets 99%, all the ratios are still the same. Just the initial investment becomes flexible. This allows people to adapt to different financial situations AND it allows competition between prices of content. If you price your content at 10 seeds that will garner less downloads than 0.10 seeds. And if you’re mass producing content then you wouldn’t really need a high price now would you? If your content consists of creative pictures of cats then it might be very profitable to sell them on the cheap and appeal to a mass audience. if however you’re selling a specialized reference text it might make more sense to sell it at a higher price. But remember the creator has to invest in planting their seeds first which means if they try investing $500, not to mention all the effort it took to create the product, and no one will buy it then they’re out the money. So that would be incentive to keep the price reasonable.


The model you propose is our preferred option (hence the proportional decimalisation of seeds for activity associated with content). In the seed engine video we used 1 seed as the upload / download cost as an example for illustration purposes to be able to demonstrate both the proportional nature and the and distribution flows of value with activity. The facility for user defined download cost is already incorporated in our design, the linking of upload and download cost however is a welcome suggestion and will be incorporated in our design.