Project n99 - An Interactive Platform for Creators

Taking a guess here - network99 for the 99%?


I Like SEEDS :grinning:


The ants are coming N99! :triumph:


Of course I’m supporting this another flower in the SAFE Network garden :stuck_out_tongue:


The remaining 90% of seeds will be tradable within n99 to like content, and reward content providers. Seeds will be held within the n99 application and their distribution automated when specific criteria are met. The number of seeds is n99 plans to distribute seeds to content providers the number of seeds expands with the publication of content and their value could increase in line with demand.


n99 is supporting ptp It’s a proposed feature to reward anyone who PUTS (uploads) public content with their wallet address (watermark). When data chunks are requested via GETS, the SAFE Network rewards the wallet address associated to those chunks. In simple terms, the more popular your content (video, music, art, games, APPS, etc) is requested by clients, the more rewards you earn.


n99 is supporting ptp It’s a proposed feature to reward anyone who PUTS (uploads) public content with their wallet address (watermark). When data chunks are requested via GETS, the SAFE Network rewards the wallet address associated to those chunks. In simple terms, the more popular your content (video, music, art, games, APPS, etc) is requested by clients, the more rewards you earn.


Wow well I was already a billion percent behind you before knowing this fact, but now I’m a billion billion percent behind you and n99 Mr C. And that’s a very precise figure I gave right there.


n99because…no more middlemen


POC is meant to demonstrate a working concept hence it is proof that the concept works. All I see is a concept under the POC tab no proof per se. Perhaps I’m being overly critical but I’m very much on the fence as to the need for seeds. A simple up or down vote would be better. Not every new project needs a token.



I tried to access the Proof of Concept, but I only found the 9-poin-list. Any help?

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@Artiscience that is the logical application flow that @we_advance and I estimate will lead to a fun and engaging experience when participating in listening to music, or watching videos, and flipping through art work. It is a working logical progression.

It is a design I know is feasible to the SAFE Network, and I am backing up @we_advance with technical knowledge in full that it gets done adequately. He is going to allocate these resources to get this application completed live.

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I am disappointed that you can’t find your way to using the Put Incentive Model instead of the spam-rewarding ad-supporting PtP method. And as such, I don’t believe that I will be able to participate in this crowdsale.

Walletmarks are more effective used as inbred copyleft licenses. Think of code forks. How better to ensure that copylefts are honored and valid line-by-line of code or track-by-track of a remix (vocals, baseline, etc) giving full credit due to OC creators - then by irrevocably attaching them to the content in the first place.

They are less feasible when used as pure rewards, especially when granted by the Network. The Network must remain content agnostic, but in the old words,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This lack of choice that PTP takes away from consumers to directly reward creators (it relies on the Network remember) takes power away from the users:

Vote with your dollars.

Instead, there are other models for generating revenue and growth:

  1. Alt-coins (SEEDs). 1SD = X seconds of a podcast, X frames of a video. These can be bought from a pre-mine/generated by the community post-mine and donated/sold to content creators
  2. Content creators use the n99 app to PUT their content onto the Network using those donated/bought coins (Put Incentive Model)
  3. Set up vaults that intend to capitalize on the GETs that will be processed for that content. (formerly ???)
  4. Profit.

Not only does this scheme profit the App (along with the direct Put Incentive Model usage) but it also provides the community with a valuable commodity - the token, the alt-coin. This can now be traded against other tokens (Decorum tokens) or safecoin directly - even bitcoin using safe exchange. And by adding vaults, we ensure that we serve this community’s need for bandwidth and storage by contributing to the larger Network itself.

I think you’ve got that part nailed down with SEEDs, you just overlooked the part where the APP can profit for every PUT (and because it’s n99 - the content creators can profit 99% for each PUT) made through your app that is made with these SEEDs which you’re selling in the first place. That’s what’s provided with the Put Incentive Model, and not with PtP.

Nope. Bandwidth-reward imbalance comes with PtP along with content that only exists as clickbait to get them more GETs. No one needs more of that. This same model has driven the marketing/advertisement bubble for far too long. There’s no reason to continue the trend on the Network - not when this approach can only augment an individual’s income by introducing ads.

No, if you want to attract users, attract contributing users. Not leeches. Sorry, I wish you all the best, but I cannot in good conscience participate in this crowdsale.

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@smacz I appreciate your concerns, and respect the alternative view. However, applications can not be leeches, even if they just only perform GETs because that content will enter the cache. In the first place that content had to be PUT.

Either way, n99 reserves the ability to distribute app dev rewards to artists as well, include a watermark feature to all content published on SAFE Network and interacted with by users of n99.

It is my understanding that pay the producer is still happening so this right now this is an iteration for that model. If things change we can adjust accordingly. Indeed you have to PUT something to get a SEED so that’s proof of content so to speak, I am quite fond of that approach. @we_advance is flying the flag for the artists and SAFE Network and if the pay the producer model is not good I wouldn’t doubt he’d intend a change in the model. Before pay the producer was introduced he was 100% behind distributing the app developer coins to those artists. The current way there is an option so if PtP doesn’t work out, can easily pivot. Nonetheless, in conversations anyway these app dev coins are going to go out to artists one way or another (concerts, marketing etc, throughout time)

In the first place we need something to compare with, this is an exciting application IMO, and look forward to PUTting some tracks of my own as well.


Is this app more than an idea at the moment? Do you have developed anything already?

@nik, no it is an idea that @we_advance intends to realize, hence the crowdsale.

I am very close to finishing the alt coins that we are using for this model.

Next up is implementing the faucet and the user interface. The purpose of the sale is so @we_advance can hire developers to build his application. I am in the advisory seat here helping @we_advance realize his goals.


Thanks @dallyshalla

Ok so you guys yourself will not develop the application? How much money do you need in order to be able to hire a developer? Have you already talked to developers?


I appreciate your input @smacz and after reading this app went against your conscience I had to read your put incentive model article to try and understand more of your reasoning. This is what I gathered after that exercise:

  1. This is a complicated problem with unsolved questions and alternative solutions.
  • The put incentive model is one solution while n99’s model is another.

  • As better solutions are developed n99 will adjust accordingly. This was confirmed by @dallyshalla statement even as I was righting this post [quote=“dallyshalla, post:19, topic:8806”] If things change we can adjust accordingly. [/quote]

  1. Greed can play a factor in malicious apps being developed

This second point from your article is very true, however, @we_advance and @dallyshalla have developed a strong enough reputation here to relinquish those fears for me anyway.

I support n99 just as I support David and his team not introducing spying software in the protocol even under duress of the state. I support the SAFE Network who pays a bounty to bug fixers who might instead introduce malicious code that goes undetected by David’s team for a period of time. I support Project Decorum even though some have argued having @Seneca as the only decision maker is centralized and subject to corruption.

Seneca has built enough of a reputation here to support him and I extend the same courtesy to @we_advance and @dallyshalla who are trying to build an app that is far more generous than anything we have today. To boot it is being built on our beloved SAFE Network. Any app that bring awareness and traffic to SAFE is good in my book, especially an app that brings more bright traffic like the arts vs darknet traffic like we are use to in the cryto wild wild west. Therefore my conscience is clear.

n99because… life is people people.


So wait, the list is the POC? @we_advance

Congrats Tim: You have been a stalworth supporter of not only the forthcoming SAFE Network but a paradigm shift in how we as a society should provide rewards and incentives for creative content. The world of today puts the originator of that original content in last place. N99 reverses the order putting the creator of content in 1st place and shines a bright light on the path of the possible futures for artist instead of the current unlevel playing field. N99 will level the playing field in a big way and surely provide countless creative people an access for their creativity unmatched by current practices. All the best.