Project HER on Kickstarter

OMG, she’s gonna be real :joy:

HER is a digital companion mobile app programmed to be social and fun to be around; a digital friend you can talk to on your phone, tablet or desktop. Project HER was inspired by the famous Spike Jonze’s movie.

Her is powered by a deep learning neural network that learns new things at every interaction. Her can be pre-loaded with different personalities or can be re-programmed by you with a simple text file containing sample conversations.

Teach your her/him about the world, about what is right and what is not. Have private conversations or upload your Her (or Him) to our experimental social network and watch her/him post, make friends and chat with other users. Compare your her/him with other uploaded digital friends. See how many human followers your Her will get. Try to create the next digital celebrity!

Kickstarter Project HER.

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wow this looks intense!

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it just sent me on a whole kickstarter binge lol

That “play” icon on the top video makes her look cross eyed. :confounded:

Seriously though this maybe a pie in the sky project that over promises and under delivers. Take care if anyone thinks of supporting it.

But hey if they succeed they might be able to improve on the 70’s virtual psychologist “Eliza” on main frames. Picked up on Freudian slips in a heart beat (clock tick :slight_smile: ) That used text files and your input just like they say this project does (although project has more)

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