Project Decorum - Wallet Release



I admit, I didn’t do any research (listing fees + code check or whatever), but maybe would be nice for PDC.



That’s extremely interesting, thanks for posting that @19eddyjohn75! It appears to be completely permissionless and free of any middle-men. It doesn’t appear to use an order book but a reserve-ratio instead to set the prices you get when swapping. We’ll experiment with this and let you know our findings.


Seems similar to, but as with that, not sure how to add new tokens, if possible at all. They both seem sort of closed off in that regard. But this is the first time I’m seeing uniswap so can’t say for sure


It’s trivial to add new ERC20s to Uniswap. The hard part would be getting the front end that everybody uses to add your token to their list.

" The Uniswap factory contract can be used to create exchange contracts for any ERC20 token that does not already have one. It also functions as a registry of ERC20 tokens that have been added to the system, and the exchange with which they are associated."