Project Decorum - Wallet Release



Are you sure you are on SAFE Browser 0.7? Also, try unlocking the small lock icon in the Authenticator.


Ah! Not the newest version. Thanks. I’ll check the lock too.


I (as the central bank for Troons :sunglasses:) got some errors with both names. I tried the lower and uppercase versions. So let me know when the wallets are connected to the public names and I’ll try again.


Yeah, I’m having some bugs and don’t have time to sort it now. Not sure if the errors are all mine or a mix. I know at least one was using an old browser.

I’ll send you a request when I have a chance to debug.

All very cool, though.


Ok… I can finally pack in the day job.
Can someone tell me how to get my coins to an exchange? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Who wants some BCH?


Great job! @polpolrene I urgently need some Troons! :smiley: Public name: h4xx0r


Check your wallet. plus 20 char


Public-IDs that have a wallet:

  • polpolrene
  • zoki
  • h4xx0r
  • seneca
  • digipl
  • wrnice
  • mirror


My god. The transaction speed is instant. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
SAFENetwork will replace etherium.


This is amazing. ProjectDecorum is a gamechanger, it also shows of the capabilities of the safenetwork very well.

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Haha omg, so many coins. :smiley: Reminds me of the old days where you would just casually send hundreds of bitcoins. Will hodl these Troons for ever!

EDIT: At least until next Alpha. ^^


Hey if Litecoin can reach a $4bn cap why not Troons? :laughing:


I created a wallet for : wrnice :slight_smile: really cool stuff here !!

Spotted an issue though :
If I sign into the authenticator under , say, myUser1 , and visit the wallet, I can create, use ,etc… wallets under myUser1’s public IDS.

Now if I logout from the authenticator ( whether I close the wallet tab or not ) , then log in with another user, say my User2, the available public IDs are still those of myUser1 when I reload the wallet page

Deleting the keys in localstorage fix it, and let me use myUser2 - I suppose localstorage should be erased when loging out from the authenticator / closing tabs . I had the same issue with the various apps that I created, and choose to use sessionstorage instead as a workaround, but this doesn’t help if the user opens a new tab. I’d be glad to learn how you can fix that !


BUG: When trying to create lots of one type of coin, e.g. 10000000000000 gives a wallet value of 0.00000001
Probably need to cap the creation phase.


Very cool Seneca, great work

Public ID: mirror


Excellent news @Seneca, we are all looking forwards to have more things to experiment with. This is my id mytroons, and I created the troonsGold (with no issues) and this has to be called troons not the ones from @polpolrene :smile: :smile:


Want some!! Or just sent me 0.00000001 troonsGold which we could call a “Irvine” inspired by Bitcoin’s “Satoshi” :wink: .


You just coined that… SAFE 0.00000001 will now forever be called an irvine.


Just sent you a troonsGold “Irvine”:

I saw you sent me some troons too:


That is indeed an issue. We spotted it when testing too, and it’s something that we need to handle. I do not think the SAFE browser should clear the localstorage for you, but it might be an idea to have it stored per account. Anyway, we should add a logout function, or somehow detect another user is logged in and the previous session is outdated.

We experienced something similar during tests when we hit a 32 bit integer limit when encoding data. We fixed that, but now we still have a JavaScript limit which is about 53 bits. We’re definitely aware of such limits, however, we decided they are at the moment not important enough to focus on.