Project Decorum - Wallet Release

There are now 1314 Cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap, imagine if you had a small % of each in your wallet and 21 million other people like you also, collectively you would be the biggest hedge fund on Earth.

This is how you can get a bitcoin on the SAFE Network, but it require a little trust.

Let say that I have 1000 satoshi on a bitcoin privatekey, I could create 1000 tokens + use as the New Token Name: the privatekey like so

This is the trust part, the person issuing the token needs the bitcoin wallet to add a password, this password prevents people with the privatekey from accessing the bitcoins. The nice parts is that everybody can verify that those are real bitcoins through the priv-pub keys, you have instant tx and you can’t reissue the privatekey because you get this error ¨Core error: Routing client error -> Data given already exists". Also you can do micro transaction with bitcoins without the bitcoin network + miners.

You don’t even need to run a bitcoin node, but these 1000 satoshi’s are now out of miner control and in control of the SAFE Network. I would love for computercode to do the password setting, :thinking: that way you don’t have to trust no one.

I just send you guys the privatekey, if I put 1000 satoshi on 5J43rJ8JFyu57TrtRz1iEAVhXngxf29x47ibFsadZvNpfZYuDPG (on the bitcoin blockchain)

Then the value on the SAFE Network has become reality, some might argue that these tokens are not bitcoins, but bitcoin is just a privatekey which enable you to spend value on it. This goes for every blockchain assets, they are just MD on the SAFE Network.

Update for this to really work you need to destroy the other privatekey formats, by creating a token set to 0 and maybe in a comment field link to the destroyed formats.
Screenshot from 2017-11-21 07-49-38
Obviously this doesn’t protect against future formats, but all wallet could agree to 1 valid privkey format. Also if you make the mistake that you type 1000 bitcoin instead of 1000 satoshi that is a mistake that can’t be corrected, but maybe the wallet can fetch the correct value from the blockchain. Adding the password to prevent accessing the bitcoins on the bitcoin blockchain is the biggest problem…


  • Human trust is needed for the password change
  • You need to destroy the other privkey format and this doesn’t protect against future formats
  • You need to type in the correct value on the privkey, your friends might tease you and send more coin on chain
  • You can’t issue multiple tokens, if they are on a privkey :weary:
  • Some people might doubt if this is a bitcoin


  • No more miners needed for TX
  • Way lower Tx costs
  • Instant and untraceable tx
  • You can even send satoshi’s
  • Tokens are verifiable on the blockchain

@seneca I just issued 0.00001000 to see if i could create 1000 satoshi’s. I can, but it shows up in the wallet as 0.1. I’ve send polpolrene 0.00000100 and I see 0.9 in my wallet now instead of 0.00000900.

Thanks again for this fun stuff :sleepy: :sleeping:

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Gave 1000 € tokens to all you guys. I expect to be paid back in cash :wink:

This is the coolest thing on SAFE yet.


Strange, I thought I had fixed that bug earlier today. I’ll look at it again tomorrow.


Very cool, it is so good, intuitive, easy, just great! well done guys!!

I sent out a few of the very first safecoin’s to ever exist on the SafeNetwork :grin:

Wallet id: savage


A little off topic, but still. It appears some testing confusion stems from the fact that people forget what version of Safe browser they have installed. I still think this could be helped by making sure the browser and other components are always consistently updated in the repositories.


sascha@computer ~ $ emacs --version
GNU Emacs 24.5.1


sascha@computer ~ $ safe-browser --version
[AUTO-UPDATE] Error: Disabled. Only available on macOS and Windows.
(Browser starting)

Adding something like “About browser -> Version” to the browser window itself would also help, I think.


the “names” tab just means ID’s right?

& is there a github for this?

would love to work with it

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& how many “whiteoutmashups” do you guys want??? :smiley:

Sent 9 to polpolrene. lucky guy.

Can we only see our own coins on the explorer? I don’t see a way to look up someone else’s address or name. Is it possible? or hidden, due to the nature of SAFE / Safecoin, unlike BTC

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I think it would be possible, because it was possible in SAFE Wallet, so maybe that feature was not added to the Decorum wallet yet. Also the message field is not present in this wallet, nevertheless serious mindblown stuff.

Next time when people doubting the SAFE Network come along, send them some coins. :money_mouth_face:

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Not sure though, as it might require access to that person’s data container before you can see the balances.

Definitely might just be blockchain thinking incorrectly applied to SAFE, once again :slight_smile:

In SAFE Wallet it was possible, so probably in future versions of Decorum wallet also.

I don’t think there is something like an explorer yet and that that might come later when we have datachain and some transactions set to public, so you won’t be able to see someones complete balance.

Seems like I can’t send anything anymore it just says “Invalid handle: 618f0e3dbe6820f441e174d0ebcac6a6329bcf951c428df32f32a2a5f5182611” under “New transaction”. The hex number varies.

When I click on one of my wallets it also says invalid handle

I got something similar. Close the browser, reopen and relogin

Work Ok for me. I just made a transfer without problems.

The big problem is the limits in the actual TestNet. With only 1000 operation this App can spend a good part in a few minutes.

Thanks guys, Please, don’t send me more transfers. I’m rich enough.


And this is why there will be a demand for SAFEcoins, and also incentive to farm. There are going to be apps that people want to use, for that fresh SAFENet experience.


Seems the issue was that I have multiple versions of the browser and accidentally used version 0.6


@bochaco @Seneca I can’t send tokens from one wallet to another wallet, please feature request :sweat_smile:

You should be able to. Every wallet has an inbox address that you can send to, as well as the option to point a public ID to one of your wallets.


I think he means to send coins between @bochaco’s wallet app and ours. They use different protocols, that’s why they’re incompatible. Ideally we’ll end up with one extensible wallet framework to which new coin protocols plugins could be added or something like that.


What’s your Public-ID where your wallet is at??

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