Project Decorum - Wallet Release

Excellent point! There is a very simple but I think effective incentive for publishing with proper meta data, though the cost/benefit would really have to be weighed. Is there a way to comb over or gain access to WoR 1.0? Also JAMS will be open sourced if there are licensing restrictions for using closed source. I was thinking it could either work in conjunction with other personalization techniques or maybe even modified.

Just some incite on my thoughts for use of WoR as I understand it to work in decorum (please correct me if I’m wrong!) you can select other people in, what is basically a WoT, and they become a sort of filter or curator of content for you. You trust or like their taste in content and by having them in your WoR you see a weighted amount of what they ‘like’ or post? I figured the same could happen in JAMS with seeing a feed or recommendation list of what others in your WoR are listening to.

Glad the wallet is back up! Keep up the great work guys. I’m a huge fan.


hi all

I still have some PDC coin in my wallet at bittrex, but i see it’s nothing worth any more. can i do something with it? is it worth something?

greetz Jonas

As far as I know the Decorum team are still working away and doing what they can given the current readiness level of the network.

While there is no liquid market for the tokens, I’d expect they’re well worth holding on to for the long term.

Imagine they ended up with a similar valuation to STEEM in 3-5 years time and see whether you think they’re worth holding on to :slight_smile:


You can sell them to me if you’d like

What do you ask in BTC per PDC?

That was mostly in jest

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Meh, was hoping to attach a value to PDC again

Went to get my mother flowers for her birthday and saw a SAFE project ad :yum:

SAFE :world_map:


Hi there,
I’d like to create a wallet but am having a curiously basic problem. The page loads just fine and I’m using the safebrowser 0.7.0. However, after giving a name and clicking the “create a wallet” button nothing happens … the response just seems not to be there.

Quick question also whether project decorum coins can be transferred and safely stored in this wallet?

thanks in advance,

Unfortunately the newer browser (I assume you mean Peruse 0.7.0) uses a different API from the one that we, last year, developed for originally. That means the wallet does not work with that version. It should still work with SAFE Browser 0.10.2 though (or at least the original SAFE Browser 0.7 version).

No, PDC is stored on the Bitcoin blockchain using a mechanism called Omni. Or they are stored on the Ethereum blockchain via a ERC20 contract. Our wallet proof of concept only aims to demonstrate a possible implementation of tokens on the SAFE Network:


There needs to be some serious (re)naming/branding of the browser. These different names are causing all kinds of confusion.

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Yes, I’m sure MaidSafe is on that… I’m just using the names that they used to tag their releases. Instead of tagging the last version as Peruse 0.7.0, they should’ve tagged it SAFE Browser v0.11.0 I guess.


with the Safebrowser 0.10.2 I’ve managed and it seems to function perfectly now, thank you.

(as for the pd coins, of course, its omni, what a lapsus :))


HI, Where can I transfer my PDC from Bittrex to? Exchange’s or wallet’s. please provide me with options. I can’t seem to transfer to Omniwallet or just not sure how to do it. Bittrex Deadline is today or i’ll loose all my PDC. Cant seem to find any info on this.

Hi @Ebz you can see this, it is for MAID but it work with Decorum too:

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You can send your PDC to any bitcoin address on OmniWallet

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I admit, I didn’t do any research (listing fees + code check or whatever), but maybe would be nice for PDC.



That’s extremely interesting, thanks for posting that @19eddyjohn75! It appears to be completely permissionless and free of any middle-men. It doesn’t appear to use an order book but a reserve-ratio instead to set the prices you get when swapping. We’ll experiment with this and let you know our findings.


Seems similar to, but as with that, not sure how to add new tokens, if possible at all. They both seem sort of closed off in that regard. But this is the first time I’m seeing uniswap so can’t say for sure

It’s trivial to add new ERC20s to Uniswap. The hard part would be getting the front end that everybody uses to add your token to their list.

" The Uniswap factory contract can be used to create exchange contracts for any ERC20 token that does not already have one. It also functions as a registry of ERC20 tokens that have been added to the system, and the exchange with which they are associated."

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