Project Decorum - Wallet Release

Wanted to dig up this thread as I’m curious how you guys are progressing!? Any other module teasers coming?


Wondering the same thing


It’s strange that no info for weeks…

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These guys deliver. This module alone is huge, there are few out in the open doing what these two are doing so be patient. It is nice to hear from them but they like comments here and there, I take that as a nod to that they’re around and busy based off of their character in the recent and less recent past.


I think developer gone like project n99

thats crap talk

@bzee just postet yesterday the last time and is obviously very actively following everything here

how about being a little bit patient first and do a little bit thinking/research before randomly accusing people of something

ps: but yes - just a short note that you guys are alive @Seneca and @bzee would be nice - and a quick statement on how you plan on progressing (e.g. focusing on some module now until the api is stable enough to do serious development at that other edge of the project)


I was expecting @Seneca to respond soon enough. There is no reason to spread FUD like that. Nevertheless I understand we should let you know what we’re up to.

For the time being, I would like to refer Harmen’s last update:

There is not much to add to that post. Currently I’m graduating, and have less spare time for the project. I don’t consider it my job to give updates here, so this is all I will share for now.


This plan still aplies…

…as well as the mentioned areas for improvement. The run-up is a bit long, that’s all. In addition I’m working on a recruitment plan. I also need a break now and then, plus I don’t feel the need to always answer every post in short order (dirvine has really spoiled us all in that regard). I know we could hire someone to do this, but then you’d just be strung along and be fed non-answers during slow times. I’d rather give rarer but more sincere updates myself, at least for the time being.

Definitely alive, still commited.

If that was the plan we never would have bothered with the module release.

Thank you @nigel and @riddim for the support.



Thanks for the update.
I agree with you no need to answer every post.
I was just wondering if you can give us a monthly or even bi-monthly update if possible
Take care


It has been a month already and I agree with you. Although it’s all about the technology, the facts are that Bittrex is delisting coins and even PDC’s mother MAID will be delisted coming March. Reasons for periodic updates:

  1. Is the project is still alive. Sounds simplistic but we just won’t know when there’s complete silence!
  2. Let potential investors know this is a great project, which might create some needed volume to stay relevant on Bittrex.
  3. To know what the devs are up to! We are all here because we love the project, why not tell us more about the latest developments. Let us know something so we can collaborate as a community. It’s much more fun to share the joy of this great technology.

Will we see @Seneca at the SAFE DevCon?


Both @bzee and I got places at SAFE DevCon, yes!


@Seneca I just stumbled on a project from MIT called Gobo which is in the research prototype stage (operational I believe although the server seems to be down).

It seems very relevant, so I’m flagging it in case you were not aware of it.

The idea is that it collects social media and news posts from your chosen sources including your twitter, Facebook feeds and then presents these in a timeline according to a set of AI based filters which you configure, and which are transparent so you can see why a particular item was shown.

This goes beyond Decorum as I understand it - filtering based on Federated quality - but is an obvious next step, to automate the collation and enable individuals to fine tune it, or direct it using a range of parameters (such as gender, rudeness, subject matter, sources).

The server (not working for me just now) is at or

Here’s a very good article by one of the creators:


Hey guys will you be republishing on Alpha 2 on Wednesday? This is one of my favorites.

Also is there any documentation or details on your WoR (web of relevance) innovation?? This is something that could come in really handy for JAMS and other apps as well I’m sure. I’ve been pondering about collaborative filtering, RDF/Linked Data, and what WoR could do for discoverability. Some (from what’s currently available) big plans that will be put into motion soon.



We just did!

For using the WoR 1.0 with your own app(s) you can imagine it (simplified) as a large map of identity/rating pairs. So the uploaders/posters of content that is discovered can be looked up and a threshold rating value can be used to decide whether content will be displayed or not. It is more about spam filtering rather than content personalization, the rating is not an indicator for user appreciation.

It is still vital for personalization because you cannot just trust that metadata of content uploaded by others is correct. One attack vector for JAMS in this regard could be rickrolling music feeds through false metadata. :smiley:


Excellent point! There is a very simple but I think effective incentive for publishing with proper meta data, though the cost/benefit would really have to be weighed. Is there a way to comb over or gain access to WoR 1.0? Also JAMS will be open sourced if there are licensing restrictions for using closed source. I was thinking it could either work in conjunction with other personalization techniques or maybe even modified.

Just some incite on my thoughts for use of WoR as I understand it to work in decorum (please correct me if I’m wrong!) you can select other people in, what is basically a WoT, and they become a sort of filter or curator of content for you. You trust or like their taste in content and by having them in your WoR you see a weighted amount of what they ‘like’ or post? I figured the same could happen in JAMS with seeing a feed or recommendation list of what others in your WoR are listening to.

Glad the wallet is back up! Keep up the great work guys. I’m a huge fan.


hi all

I still have some PDC coin in my wallet at bittrex, but i see it’s nothing worth any more. can i do something with it? is it worth something?

greetz Jonas

As far as I know the Decorum team are still working away and doing what they can given the current readiness level of the network.

While there is no liquid market for the tokens, I’d expect they’re well worth holding on to for the long term.

Imagine they ended up with a similar valuation to STEEM in 3-5 years time and see whether you think they’re worth holding on to :slight_smile:


You can sell them to me if you’d like

What do you ask in BTC per PDC?