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Market has been listed on Bittrex.

What is PDC? (twenty chars)

Project Decorum Coin(s)

Seeing in the other thread how anxious you’re to part with your freshly acquired tokens I offer you 1 BTC for your 150000 PDC.

Take it or leave it.


someone wants to make easy money by ICO~
dude, look the ETH! It took a long time to trade!

There won’t be any market demand yet. It’s too new really and maid isn’t booming atm, so don’t be in a rush imo.

You can tell when there’s a market for it because people will come here asking where they can buy it. I think it’s much better for the coin and all holders if those first pushes are from buyers, not sellers! I don’t think it does you, us or anyone else any favours to try to sell your coins so quickly.

The crowdsale just finished and there have been no developments and there is no news. There is no reason right now for anyone to pay over the ICO price really.

Investments take time to show profit. Why would you want a market before there’s any real demand? If anything it will just start below ICO prices if it launches on an exchange too quickly. You want some news and development first, even if you’re just in it for the money and aren’t more concerned with the project itself.

Personally I wouldn’t want to see it on an exchange for at least a few weeks. Let a few crypto journalists write about it first and get some people interested. Then you might find an opportunity to make some money and take some profit as the coin distribution improves and the price rises with demand.


45000 PDC for sale,PM me if interested.

Do you have a price for those 150k PDC? What was the last ICO price?

If people are really serious about trading PDC, what you could do is fork and add PDC and even SEEDS to it.

DON’T make pullrequest on github:

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Another way to buy and sell is use, after you agreed a price

  1. The buyer sends BTC to the mulsig address and include in the contract how many PDC they will receive from the seller.
  2. The seller sends PDC to the buyer
  3. The buyer release the BTC on and the seller accepts it.

In this scenario no exchange is needed, but it could take much more time to do the transaction, due to the Trust Agent.

How it works

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anyone wanna buy some PDC , any amount up to 70-80,000 . PM me serious offers here or on Bitcointalk , @zebedee2023

I don’t believe the forum should be used as a bazaar for speculators to shout their offers.

I believe it’s off topic. The category it is in is called “apps” but the discussion isn’t about the app but is simply a trading floor with people shouting their goods. It should be moved to the “off topic” category.

Moved to off-topic. trading is not app development.

Bittrex also is now trading PDC

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Hello, I would like to know max cap of PDC??
Is it even fixed? thanks in advance.

It’s unlimited because people “burn” Clikes when they use them. But to mine them is extremely hard. It’s based on the current hashrate of Bitcoin (so total hashes needed to be calculated for 1USD) X 10. This means for the coming years it’s not profitable to mine your own Clikes.

What about PDC? I think it will be delisted soon from bittrex like maid?

So, who bought more at these delisting prices? I lost a small fortune with the delisting dump, but if you buy some for a few pennies on this last moment on Bittrex and hold for (another) year you might become pretty profitable. Legit project with low supply for only 160 sats a coin…

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