Project Decorum - Live Proof of Concept

Along with the Project Decorum Crowdsale, I present to you a Live Proof of Concept!

Make sure you are logged into your SAFE Launcher and then simply visit the following URL:


Note: JavaScript has to be allowed!


  • Create custom forum categories
  • Post new topics and replies
  • Collapse/expand topic branches
  • Automatic checks for new topics or replies
  • Identities use cryptography to sign their content
  • Option to create identity if none present
  • Sanitisation of all user input (security)

More information can be found on the official website:

Especially check out the limitations and known issues section.

Special thanks to @fergish, @dirvine, @melvin and @polpolrene for helping test this proof of concept!


You should really check this out yourself but here are a few quick screenshots to show you what it looks like :slight_smile: !


Entered 'Project Decorum’

Entered 'Introducing 'Project Decorum"

Comments section:


I have been trying to access projectdecorum.safenet, but it seems I am hitting some issues :

the launcher asks me for a permission each time I try to load a different page, then when the pages open, I can only see the top sections. The categories are desesperately empty !

This is with both icecat or firefox, I tried to disable everything that could block scripts, so I am not sure what is happening !

I’ll keep trying though, I hope I can make it in - thank you for the amazing work !

Can you open the browser console and check for any errors? On Firefox that’s CTRL+SHIFT+K.

Oh, and make sure you download the latest SAFE Launcher! The previous version has some CORS issues, that’s probably it!


I will buy some. You are very professionnal and I’m happy to do a little contribution. Good luck!


you nailed it - I was testing against an old launcher version … :slight_smile:


How many clike does 1 maid buy?

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From the crowd sale document

While the document does not mention that it is a 1:1 exchange PDC to Clike tokens, the rest of the document mentions only 50 million Clikes being given in the pre-sale.

At this time there has been the equivalent of 200 thousand MAID paid, so now it is 250 PDC per MAID. Or equivalent of 0.00000075 BTC each. As more MAID is paid the price of each PDC will rise.

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For explorers, note that you can create and share your own private/public topics and threads.

Check out the SAFE Crossroads group:



Nice! I will be picking some of this up for sure. I missed SEC as I was broke. But I’ll be in the crowdsale here for sure.

@seneca are you planning for this to be open source? And what sort of frontend setup are you using / planning to use past POC?

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I forgot to state this explicitly, but yes, it’s a 1:1 on exchange. It’s also implied at several points on the website (also in the graph).

It’s more useful to think in terms of percentages of the whole of contributions and in potential market capital.

Yes, definitely!

I’m looking into that now, not 100% sure yet, past months have all been about the crowdsale and POC. It’s probably a good topic to discuss with other programmers from this community to get second opinions. I’m definitely not the most experienced web dev here (yet, hehe).


I am reasonably decent with frontend topics. It’s my day job (from WP through to react/redux universal apps). I’d be up for some discussing/ contribution in general. I’ve been aiming to start something SAFEy.

Personally I’d for sure lean toward react/redux for an app built upon your decorum-y foundations.

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Great idea and project Harmen. You have a good logic and Clikes could be the solution. Really looking forward to it and will definitely support you (as soon as my wallet syncs up :).
We’ll possibly join SAFE ecosystem with our Neos Virtual Reality Engine later on too.
Keep up the great work.
EDIT: Do you have a Twitter acc to follow?


I have one, but hardly ever used it so far. I should probably make a project decorum twitter, now that this is a serious thing.


Anyone interested in a forum chat as a POC for completely private categories?

With SAFE Launcher running go to this random address and let’s talk:


Or load Decorum main link – http://projectdecorum.safenet – and enter

f 9a4[0 f9a

in the “category” field at the top right.

See ya there.


Let’s do this! I’m busy tonight but Wednesday - Thursday nights I can make myself free.

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My attempts to add comments on the forum main page did not succeed (i.e., nothing happened). Navigation works well, however, via both the menu and the categories search field.

Latest launcher, on Windows 7 and Firefox.

On @fergish 's page I get this when I try to add a comment:

Did you login on the launcher?

Yes, I logged in. I wouldn’t have got that far if I hadn’t.

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