Project Decorum & Facebook

Thought I’d start a thread. I know quite a few people now who are closing their facebook pages (hallelujah!!).
I’ve never used it, and I’m glad its finally getting the bad press it deserves. The harvesting of user data for profit has always annoyed me, to be honest - people think its ‘free’… Well, it isn’t!!

Anyway, Projectdecorum - What will it offer over facebook? I know its P2P, free to use? I’m not sure, Maybe somebody could point it out.

Is PDC a protocol? Are they building a social platform on top of Safe? Be nice to get some conversation going on this topic. Now seems the right time!


It’s free to use except for any SAFE Network costs you incur when uploading data. Which hopefully won’t be much for typical social media content, and can hopefully be compensated fully by farming on your personal device. I say hopefully because no one can say for sure right now, the final parameters aren’t known yet.

It’s indeed a protocol that anyone will be able to use and extend with their own apps. The goal is to have high levels of compatibility between all kinds of social apps on SAFE so no one will be pigeonholed in a particular app because of its network effect.