Project Decorum - ERC20 Launch



I’m too lazy too say why only this dex matters,

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Since ForkDelta trading is not lifting off yet, maybe we could try OTC trading PDC? I’m willing to throw in a little from my PDC stash, since I need some cash for a restoration of our house in the near future. No rush though.

Anyone willing to throw a serious offer in my DM? Just testing the waters. I’m not very eager to sell since I’m a huge supporter of the Decorum project, however I think it’s also good that some of my rather substantial stash finds a loving new owner that has no PDC yet. :wink:


Nobody responded so far, so it’s probably too early for some serious PDC trading. ForkDelta is also a ghost town when it comes to PDC trading, so let’s wait for better times. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, @Seneca good luck! I hope you’re still around to see your project come to fruition someday. :wink:


I should hope so, something quite terrible would need to happen otherwise.


Loved the tone of the statement. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: