Project Decorum - ERC20 Launch

Looking at the contract it indeed seems they have that power. That contract allows ‘admins’ to withdraw from any account.

EtherDelta/ForkDelta use a contract [1] that is much simpler and does not seem to give anyone any power.

EtherDelta/ForkDelta have vague interfaces though, EtherMium looks much more user-friendly.


Not even the power to completely destroy the contract? Or to just make it inactive? That could be a risk as well isn’t it?

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Doesn’t seem like it. They can only change the fees I think.

Could be a risk, but can also be seen as an advantage. I wouldn’t feel safe if I know they can de-activate the contract at any moment.


Same with SFSC ERC20, so perhaps it would be useful to compile a list where users can trade the Ethereum versions already:

Recreating this list with more entries and the links embedded, would be very useful


Looks like EtherMium is the only one. Still though, it only had 4 users over the last 24H.

I guess this is the problem. Most people aren’t willing to trust a contract when some ‘admin’ can take your coins and run. Wish they had the best of both worlds from EtherMium and EtherDelta/ForkDelta somewhere:

  • Simple interface
  • ‘Simple’ unstoppable contract where no one can steal your tokens
  • The ability to trade any ERC-20 token without the need for a project to get listed
  • Support for hardware wallets

That would make things a lot easier.

Hi @Seneca

I sent my PDC via Omniwallet address: 1Fi4Km5JfSe…sBRNVvuBUAtno
to burn address: 1HvefrAPhjs…jnaXWSJBz7bGX

at 1/11/2019 10:48:29 AM

My ETH address: 0x03337091633…5775e49bcc4abf

Could you let me know if - and when - I will receive the tokens on my ETH address?

Thank you very much.

Hi @Seneca

I hope my previous message has reached you. Please contact me if possible.

Would converting Omni PDC to ERC20 still work? This reads like the team has to approve, which worries me a bit

They get maniually approved, afaik that was always the case.
Maybe shoot seneca a message and give it some time.


Should be processed now.


Wasn’t mine, I can’t access my wallet atm because has technical problems for a few days now. Will try a software wallet first

edit: nope, 500 wallets to choose from, some no longer developed, some without the option to restore from private key… will wait till is back online. Or does anyone know of a good Omniwallet with the option to import a private key?

Omni Core lets you import private keys

Can you use OmniCore to access MAID stored in Omniwallet if you have the private key? Since Omniwallet has been acting up, I want to see if I can move to Trezor.

That should work.

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When you first set up your Trezor, send a small bit of BTC or something there. Then reset it and make sure your seed works to recover your BTC. Then move important coins over in significant quantities. This way ensure your seed is valid for recovery.


Why send bitcoin? You just write down your address, reset your wallet and restore it - if the address is the same then everything is ok…


Thanks for simplifying it. :wink:


Thanks, @drehb, @Knosis & @Dimitar!! Will try this out in the morning. How much BTC would I need to have in Omniwallet to ensure the transaction goes through?


8000 satoshi I think - I have no idea why this is a magic number but I remember that I was unable to see my first small amount of MAID until I added a little BTC. Then when I assured myself it was working OK, I started moving my MAID out of Bittrex.

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Awesome, thanks!

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