Project Decorum - ERC20 Launch

I’m too lazy too say why only this dex matters,




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Since ForkDelta trading is not lifting off yet, maybe we could try OTC trading PDC? I’m willing to throw in a little from my PDC stash, since I need some cash for a restoration of our house in the near future. No rush though.

Anyone willing to throw a serious offer in my DM? Just testing the waters. I’m not very eager to sell since I’m a huge supporter of the Decorum project, however I think it’s also good that some of my rather substantial stash finds a loving new owner that has no PDC yet. :wink:

Nobody responded so far, so it’s probably too early for some serious PDC trading. ForkDelta is also a ghost town when it comes to PDC trading, so let’s wait for better times. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, @Seneca good luck! I hope you’re still around to see your project come to fruition someday. :wink:


I should hope so, something quite terrible would need to happen otherwise.


Loved the tone of the statement. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Any idea how often https://project-decorum.github is checked for new conversions?

Did the process several days ago and still getting 0 approved ERC20 tokens.
@Seneca @bzee


I’m on it, should be finished today.


Hm, nothing yet, the burn address is 1QG7…JEqC


Apologies, I’m having issues with the Omni Core software again. It’s quite unstable and from time to time corrupts its state. I’ll send you a PM when it’s done.

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omni wallet can’t wallet send coins? Prompt me “Not enough funds, try again. Needed: 0.0001226800000000000061799046783 but Have: 0” but actually there is a balance

Omni transactions require Bitcoin and I’m guessing the wallet doesn’t have any, correct?


What should I do in Step 3? Are you really too succinct?

Step 3 is waiting until your ERC20 tokens are approved, which I just did. You can continue with the last step now.


Is ERC20 Burn Address Generator still work?

Yes, but validation can take a while. A batch was just completed, so if you are at step 3 you can now continue.

Is it mandatory to swap from Omni to ERC20? Or can we keep our coins where they currently are?

It’s not mandatory, pick the carrier that you prefer.


This link seems dead now.

This is the link to the Github repo project-decorum · GitHub