Project Decorum - ERC20 Launch



The ERC20 launch has started!

If you wish you can now convert your Project Decorum Coins (PDC) that run on the OMNI protocol on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to ultimately equivalent tokens that run on Ethereum’s ERC20 smart contract standard. Both token types can eventually be converted for Clikes, but in the meantime the ERC20 tokens will have a broader ecosystem available to facilitate trade.

Follow the instructions on this page and you will guided through the transition:

And for the extra vigilant and paranoid:

Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)

Very cool, nice work my friend. Is there a plan for MAID as well?


First try and all OK.

One question, can reuse the same ETH address several times?


Not that I know of.



Nick Lambert spoke about the pros and cons of a transition at SAFE DevCon 2018:


Answer is probably no but is there a time limit to convert?


No, there’s no time limit.


As I expected, a smooth and easy process. Thanks for a great job. My tokens now happily stored as ERC20’s. :grinning:


"Please fill out the IDEX Token Submission Form. Each submission is reviewed by the IDEX team for quality criteria. If approved, it will be listed on the exchange free of charge and announced via Twitter. If you have submitted a token and it has not been listed, is either pending review (please allow a week or so) or did not meet our quality standards. Multiple token submissions will not increase your chances of being listed on IDEX. "


Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)

Thanks @wize83! Simple form, I used the following info. Please reply if anything should be edited. I couldn’t find anywhere the token address is officially advertised, so I linked to the transition website source which has it.

Name of the token *
Project Decorum Coin

Symbol of the token *

Precision (decimals) *

Token address *

Website of the token *

Link to the website where token address can be verified *

Does the token pay dividends or guarantee a return of investment? *

Announcement forum thread link *


Looks about right! Nice!

PDC ERC20 contract:


Hi @Seneca , yesterday I started the wizard, and reached step 3 after successfully going through steps 1 and 2. Step 3 says “For security reasons we currently validate issuance manually, we try to do this at least twice per day. Thank you for your patience.” But when I just checked (presumably after 1 or 2 manual validations), the “Claimable” field still shows 0 (zero).

Could you look into this? If you need my help, let me know. :slight_smile:


Apologies, Omni Core sometimes crashes and often needs to re-index the blockchain which takes a long time. It’ll be done later today, I’ll reply here to notify you.




All fine. Now I also have PDC in my Ethereum wallet. Who had thougth it would come this far! :smile:


It has been over a month since the last sign of life (dev response) for PDC. Yes, the markets are still down, but we are also still interested in the development of PDC. Is it still ongoing and what to expect for the (near) future?


We are definitely alive! We’re still in a pioneering phase, as SAFE’s app layer and API is still being developed. Some features aren’t working as expected yet, but we try to work around them as best we can. We’re working on a solution for private data sharing between “apps” (as in authenticator registrations) to realize granular permissioning (for example, a particular browser tab or different app may only have data access a subset of all existing Project Decorum identities of that SAFE account). We’re also investigating the Resource Description Framework (RDF) with questions such as what we’d require of a fitting RDF vocabulary, or what performance impact RDF usage would have and what we can do to minimize that impact.

We know things are slow and we also would’ve liked to move faster. One thing I can promise is that we’ll try to keep pace with MaidSafe’s progress, so that when SAFE 1.0 launches we are very close behind with our 1.0 release.


Somebody on Bitcointalk posted this: (I don’t know anything about this exchange)

PDC trading is now available on ERC20 DEX:


I’d be cautious of someone inviting people to post sell orders on an unknown exchange… sounds like a scam attempt.

Saying that, I hope it’s a legit new place to trade PDC.


In regard to getting added on exchanges, did anyone from the PDC team had any success in contacting exchanges? I know some members contacted some exchanges, but I didn’t hear anything back on that.

Please understand I’m not pushing for a ‘when binance?’ here, but there is a reason PDC switched to ERC20. One of them being able to get listed faster, as unfortunately, not many exchanges wanting to maintain a MAID wallet nowadays.

Some info on this would be greatly appreciated.