Project Decorum: DECentralised fORUM (and protocol)



Dallyshalla anyone? :smile:


I’m aiming for that, yes.


99,99% of the cryptoprojects out there :frowning:

Even a guy like Kim Dotcom is overanouncing and underdelivering…


I see this project is dying…


It’s just getting started, we are only just getting a reasonably stable SAFE app dev environment.


Why would it be dying ? Because there’s no flashy website and loud developers who call themselves ceo, coo and cto ? I’m very happy that decorum tries to stay under the radar until there’s something to show for.


If you have any coins I’ll buy them all off you at 4x the crowdsale price (0.95*4= 3.8c each). [genuine offer, any volume]

You could be right, take your win now, get rid. PM me to deal



I’ll buy at 4¢ :slight_smile: …,


I’d out-bid you but then I might as well just put a buy order on bittrex :yum:


Someone has been accumulating a lot of PDC recently… over 5M now.

This wallet does my head in though. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why would one of the very few community members who got in to SAFE-App Store’s tiny ICO (like $7k and under a dozen investors selling out in minutes as I remember) also be buying up SAFEX in a serious way?! :confounded::thinking::open_mouth::pensive:


Could be an exchange tho


Assuming its not an exchange then this is one rich (lady) dude. 10% of decorum

But notice they sent 30 million safex to exchange presumably to sell. So sell safex accumulate decorum

But I still cannot get over how much money some people have in crypto.


It’s not an exchange if this is the wallet that bought SAFE-APP Store coins too. They will never be tradeable. There’s too little activity for it to be an exchange anyway and the SAFEX coins are being bought not sold. He bought another 7M just 3 days ago and sent them from Bittrex to this wallet… it is very odd imo :confused: 1DUBxxxx is the Bittrex hot wallet.



Well they sent 30 million previously and returned 7 million.

Still one wealthy address


Yep, and never surprising to see weird stuff in small wallets, but people with 7 figure wallets usually seem to be doing rational things as far as I’ve ever noticed. I just hate it when a story doesn’t make sense to me. I really want to know why they’re doing what they’re doing. :confounded:


What doesn’t make sense to you? That they see it worthwhile taking a punt on Safex as well as PDC and Safe App store?

The return on Safex so far has been incredible, and it makes sense to take some of those profits (which they’ve done), while keeping some in case in shoots up again, or succeeds in creating a decent product & rises considerably more.

If they’ve been selling some Safex to buy some PDC, that seems very sensible to me.


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The price of Project Decorum is getting high. Is there any news?

Safex (Safe Exchange) topic

$0.05 to $0.15 in 1 month. wow. Wish I bought more.


It’s not too late to buy PDC. I think it’s value is still underestimated