Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)

Even if that’s true, what’s the reason behind creating an ERC20 token and not doing anything with it? You want a PDC PoC or something so there is incentive to invest and trade the token. It really isn’t a hard question.

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Yeah, I really feel with you. I am also one of you who invested and now see your funds locked in this non-liquid asset. I believe in the SAFE idea and I invest in MAID now. Once beta is ready to build on, I believe @Seneca and others working on this will start to deliver again and our locked money will become liquid and rise in a price.

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The problem is that there is no network and the API is incomplete and keeps shifting.

This is to be expected, but it means that work beyond a certain point is wasted.

I’m in a similar position. The SAFE CLI and the move to RDF will invalidate a lot of the work I’ve done building upon SAFE NFS for example. So SAFE Drive will stop working, Safenetworkjs may be largely redundant etc.

Right now I’m keen to see what the new data types will mean for the libraries and the apps I’ve built - we all are! It is also very exciting to see Maidsafe building RDF into the core of the network.

@Seneca has already said that they are waiting for the new data types and APIs so I think once this becomes clear, that’s the time development activity will resume.


Yes, I did invest and while I don’t mind to wait, I don’t like it when the devs decide to create an ERC20 token (and with this hinting on trading) but ending up with absolute silence about the reasoning behind it or neglecting to set post token migration goals (which may include leveraging the community to do marketing or word-spreading work). Doesn’t add up. In fact, I’ve created a Telegram group a long time ago to gain more exposure and helping PDC owners with whatever question they come up with. It’s not that I’m only willing to sit and wait for the money to come in or something.

@happybeing thanks for the clarification, looks like if the devs do not come up with any other stuff in the meantime we are still bound to wait until MAID itself comes up with some nifty platform improvements to build on.

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I’m pretty sure it was because holders requested it, and it was expected that listing would be easier with ERC20. Trading is possible now through forkdelta / etherdelta etc right now, but demand isn’t there.

It’s also clear thay Omni is becoming less widely used vs ERC20.

I’m happy for the ERC20 option so I can store my PDC on my hardware wallet, and trade it if required / the opportunity arises.


Yes these are the general reasons I offered it for SAFE-FS. It’s a courtesy, because of the many benefits it brings.

No I don’t think he did it because of anything like that, it’s more for the general convenience and options that ERC types give over omni. They get new features regularly, while Omni seems to actually get fewer and fewer due to its development having slowed down to almost nothing.

And the trading happens by default across many DEXes, which you can choose from and use every day. This isn’t (as) possible on omni.


Maybe this thread should be given a more up to date name? Just reads a little odd when it pops up on my unread list.


@Seneca What do you want the title to be now? If you want it changed at all.


Project Decorum – Hibernation (Ongoing)


Lol it’s funny I actually PM’d Seneca about this like maybe almost a year ago, said the title was kinda awkward and not fitting.

Maybe just “Project Decorum” or with “Web App” or something.


Project Decorum – BePatient (YoursMoneyX100) … :wink:


Probably nothing like decorum, but thought id share it:


Haha this project was 3 years ago!!! A fool and his money departs.


What are you referring to? “RetroShare” or “Decorum”?

If Decorum then you need a lot more to back any such claim since any read of the topic shows it reached a point and cannot advance till SAFE advances further


That’s great and all but if there’s nothing to code at this point, maybe we can have a roadmap or something ? I can’t even explain what decorum is at this point.

I think we’re past the point that the coin is in danger of speculators. I mean it isn’t even tradeable.



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