Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



No, my point was that the user cannot control the others and you giving the first person the second’s amount. My example showed how person 1 made a mistake and person 2 missed out entirely and person 2 did everything correctly.

And the reason the first person delayed could be as simple as they lost their private key, they had an accident after sending the eth, or a number of other reasons. And it was your end that gave the second person’s amount to the first.

What you described first up meant that people could lose out to scammers, foreseeable mistakes, etc and it is your end that gave the wrong person the amount.

That is why you MUST use the other method suggested later. Your first method is faulty in some circumstances and prone to scamming or foreseeable errors making it credit the wrong person. And to use that first method is irresponsible I am sorry to say. Especially when the method to encode the address in the eth transaction is available.


Hi, now that PDC is removed from Bittrex, where can I store my PDC’s?
Can I use Project Decorum Wallet?



PDC is an Omni asset, so can be stored on any Omni compatible wallet ( being a popular choice).

Alternatively you can store PDC on any non-segwit Bitcoin wallet, then import the private key to Omniwallet when you want to send them in the future.


What do we need for a erc-20 transition.
A burn address so that the funds cannot be used again on the old blockchain.
Proof that the owner of a bitcoin address is the same than that of the ethereum address.

A valid burn address is an address whereof no private keys are known.
If we convert a ethereum address or the hash thereof to base 58 add a 1 in front remove excess characters and add a checks.
Then i think we satisfied all requirement.

Possible method
Step 1 Bob enters his ethereum address in the burn address generator.

Step 2 Bob sends his omni-tokens to the burn address.

Step 3 Bob communicates his ethereum address to Alice.

Step 4 Alice enters the received ethereum address in the burn address generator.

Step 5 Alice checks the omni-token balance and confirmations of the burn address.

Step 6 Alice transfers erc-20 tokens to the ethereum address.

All Alice steps can be automated.
Alice has to be careful to not grant the same tokens twice to the ethereum address.
Omni tokens can be send directly from exchange so no double btc transaction fees.


My main worry is that the server hosting this could be hacked, after which the burn address could be changed to an address of the attacker. A single address could be confirmed through other sources (like this forum), and a cryptographic signature to authorize the ETH address can’t be faked.

The issue is that this needs to run for a very long time, preferably until SAFE and PDC are ready for launch. That gives hackers a lot of time to poke.


How will hacker hack your server if you hide it behind cloudflare? Cloudflare is free service, that hides your server and keeps your server private. Nobody will be able to attack it, since there will be no way how to find out IP of your server. I started to use cloudflare after my servers were under heavy DDOS attack. Cloudflare is a service which created a layer between your server and users. It routes all the traffic throug their proxy servers. Every attack is filtered. It even provide free HTTPS services if your server supports http only. Is is very simple to set up, you just need your domain DNS to be handled by them. Attacker will never find an IP of your server. So all the domain traffic is filtered by them. All the IP traffic is non existent, since attacker will never find IP of your server.


Cloudflare won’t make your server hacker-proof. That’s a pretty ridiculous claim. It will provide you with DDoS protection and some application firewalling, but if your webserver config (or plugins, or code, or whatever) is not secure your site will be vulnerable to attacks. But yes, in some extend Cloudflare can block a few of those attacks, but you can’t depend on it of course.


I did not claim it will make it hacker-proof. I claimed it will hide IP address. And there will be only web layer left for attacks. Of course if he uses bad web services cloudflare will not protect him. Hiding IP and allowing only http attacks is huge security advantage. Than simply avoid all available web frameworks and make simple static web. If there is a need for PUT requests, than making simple unhackable web server is not that hard.


The issue is about fully automatising it. Even with the IP hidden behind Cloudflare, the server processing the requests will be vulnerable. Automatisation requires some logic. Of course, the logic should be fairly simple, but it’s no security guarantee.

Thinking out loud: Ideally there would be a cryptographic relation (possible?) between the OMNI burn address and the ERC-20 address. Alice has an ERC-20 address (call it E) she likes the new coins on. The OMNI burn address, O, might be calculated from E. Alice transacts her PDC to the calculated O, and lets Bob know of address E. Bob can independently calculate O too, and verify whether a transaction is done to that burn address, then sends the equivalent new coins to E.

I have actually little knowledge about whether above is feasible or possible at all.

It would also be nessecary to ensure the burn address is not somehow owned by Alice, hence a one-way calculation (e.g. hash) between E and O.


Hi @Seneca maybe you want to look into, you’ll need their token bnt to get listed. Disclaimer I own 0.87 bnt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think unfortunately this is not possible, Storj transitioned also :frowning:

The only time that I saw an automation, was when allowed people to buy their token in exchange for every token on Shapeshift.



I think I meant something different with automatising. If I’m reading correctly STORJ automatised the transitioning process using their conversion application. Meaning without manual intervention from their side.


What I like about this method is that the code for it can be run locally, which makes it easier to provide multiple copies through different sources for those who want to double check they generated a legit burn address.


Losing Bittrex without having a backup plan is a pretty epic fail by Seneca. I’m glad I saw the signs and sold a while back. RIP!


it ain’t over until the fat lady sings :wink:


Not his fault Bitrex delisted, didn’t seem likely.

Getting listed there in the first place was great. Many projects with larger icos do not accomplish that.

Not much value there for another exchange to list this Omni coin when it was on bittrex, for obv reasons.

Only thing that matters and what @seneca will be judged on is if investors ultimately profits, what he delivers and how it evolves. Not what exchange is or is not trading the coin pre-alpha.


To be fair, he’s likely actually building the product, and hopefully not too concerned about speculation prices for some bittrex trading ‘dudes’


How about try listing PDC on LYKKE.
I heard on Telegram that LYKKE team are working with Omni Team to list Agoras (AGRS)


@seneca any news on the relisting or transition to an erc-20 token? :slight_smile:


I’m fleshing this out at the moment.


I would like to see your ICO that you created and how well it’s doing now.
Please provide us some links to your success.