Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



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Hi, any news? Or is this project abandoned?


Hey @churro

@Seneca did post an update in another topic just 3 days ago Project Decorum - Wallet Release


thank you! read it now. well… this update doesn’t look too promising.


Just relax and be a little bit patient until the APIs have stabilized

In this early stage it’s not easy for devs to make stuff that keeps compatible with the network (… He already made a first forum poc on the old test network and the wallet app… So I assume he won’t rush too much with everything now because he doesn’t want to reprogram everything a couple of times ; )


Didn’t mean to fud. It’s only that I already bought my first PDC in June 2016 and yeah, maybe I’m running out of patience. I’ll just hodl.


Absolutely understandable… Turns out it all takes longer than everyone of us would wish :roll_eyes:

But as they say… Have the strength to change what you can and the coolness to accept the inevitable… In this case we first need a sufficient secure and reliable network… But progress can be seen all the time =) we’re on a good path as I see it (and hope I’m not wrong with my judgement)


At this time your investment is worth about 13 times more than in June 2016. Of course you could have won more in other investments but this world begin to lose all sense of proportion.


Dunno if this is the right thread so feel free to move to price topic if necessary, currently sub 10 cent decorum folks, if you have any spare $ floating around it’s a great little buy :+1:


Why is PDC pumping now? Why was it pumping on 14.2? It is second time this month the most profitable coin of the day on bittrex. Especially when MAID is dumping.


The volume is still low