Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



I have only 10 euro in my pocket, but I believe 100% in safe and decorum… :slight_smile:


@Seneca any updates. I am totally with this project but some updates here and there helps a lot. Thanks


Yep, I’d second that. I’m a supporter both financially and generally, but it’s unusual not to get any updates from the owner of a project with a market cap of $5m.

What is the roadmap? What stage does Safe need to be before you make any (visible) progress?

Is there anything in this that we could see, that we don’t already know?

Your last post was 5 weeks ago, so it might be time for another :slight_smile:



What craziness! I searched for the word “dating” on the entire forum, and not one result.

So like… would this kind of Decorum platform make creating a dating medium an incredible reality? I can imagine so many such sites out there today are just for data mining. I was speaking via voice call to my friend about how the concept of a dating online platform, and he was saying it’s more of a ploy to trick people into thinking that they can find someone with ease and not put forth effort, and at the same time basically be giving a whole slew of information away. But, if one’s mind is set to make such a setup work out in people’s favor, and actually meet people, I see no end to the possibilities, especially if they don’t have to worry about privacy… something that I would imagine people submitting info for dating would actually care about with utmost priority.

Feel free anyone to make a thread about dating platforms on SAFE. There could be a large ground I’m not covering that would design a dating platform to be amazing particularly on SAFE, but it’s extremely late for me right now. I think it could be something that’s entirely separate from Decorum, but I was drawn here for now, before I drift to sleep, rather than starting a topic. LMK if it’s worthy to start a thread about it, or go ahead with one yourself, whoever’s reading this. Maybe it’s time for fishcoin… ok definitely being delirious now.


Haha was thinking about how to phrase something similar this morning myself I sign into the forum and the line is already here starting with @sanju. Must be a sign :thinking: :grin:
sorry @Seneca it is the burden of having fans :man_dancing:


Really nothing? I drafted a few ideas about decentralized dating systems on SAFE a few years ago, which are at the top of the Most Wanted Apps thread OP, such as my article here and a newer version here with a new layout. Decentralized dating is a very exciting possibility for the world.


It looks like we’ll be able to release that module this week. It’s still a bit rough, but it’s functional and everyone has been waiting for so long already. Keep in mind though that it’s an experimental module with a focus on one specific feature, it’s definitely not a full release.


I better buy some more coins quick then :wink:


Incremental is the way @Seneca. Look forward to seeing it!


Is there a telegram or something where we can discuss it live?


Because I’ve seen this request multiple times by now I decided to just create one. @Seneca please let me know if you don’t like idea of the channel being around, also, Seneca, if you are a Telegram user just join and you can be admin. See this as a community project.
Join the chat at

edit: the reason ‘official’ is in the name is because projectdecorum is already taken on Telegram (it’s a spammers channel and I reported it).


Our latest version is having some page switch re-authentication issues on the Alpha network that were not present in the mock browser that we use for development. We’ll try to fix this and present the release ASAP, but it’s probable that we won’t make it today. Apologies for the delay!


No reason. Really, no reason!
Wishing you all the best.


Make sure you are using SB v0.7 (latest build anyway) because it has fixes for this issue (eg no longer frees handles on a url change without reload - hash fragment for example).

Using mock you might have a later browser build.


This fixed it, thank you so much! I actually was on 0.7 before but the binary web hosting manager didn’t work for that one, so I went ahead and downloaded the older version from For that version the web hosting manager binary worked so I could upload the website files, but then I didn’t think of switching back to the newer version!

Stay tuned, I’m going to test some more and if everything is in order I’ll share this with you guys and gals.


Please use that thread for all discussion concerning that release!


One question, we have a forum to speculate the price of Maidsafe but where should we speculate regarding PDC?


For the moment it should be OK for the very small amount of PDC speculation that has occurred in the past to be in the MAID price&trade topic. There is often a small amount of side talk about other coins in there. Its only if it gets too much that we need to do something about it. If the PDC price talk has more than the couple/few of posts a month then we can see about its own topic with similar restrictions.

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