Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



Well then the ought to hurry up and buy.


I’m unsure of the effectiveness of reporting an account on Twitter, but I’d like to ask people to report the account spreading false information.


And it’s gone lol




Just bought myself some lovely PDC coins and look forward to Project Decorum overtaking Facebook’s 500bn market cap!


Coin is up like 60% or something, yet zero discussions about it hehe. Gotta love crypto


Nice pump for PDC. No doubt be back to the 10-12 cent range in a day or two


Based upon what? No one knows what will happen. For all we know docorum could announce something next week and we ago x2 from todays price.


Based on speculation. Nothing more


And historical.

We have seen a number now of little jumps to 5000 (not quite as high this time) and the price returns to what it was previously. Its someone buying up quick in a low volume market. So there is a lot of weight to your speculation.


Any ideas on the coming announcement/s as per Twitter for PDC?

Guessing an exchange may be adding it?

Would love an early module coming but guessing that’s still a little while away just yet.


You are following the wrong twitter account I think. This is a fake one. You should report it as fake, if enough people do it will eventually get shut down. This is the real one.


Cheers @Jabba, I’m a slightly older less pop savvy gent so only skim twitter and saw the previous fake account as closed and assumed I was reading the right one.

@Seneca just a heads up re the above.

Thanks again @Jabba


Hey @Seneca, can you please give any update regarding the project?


So you know I am pretty heavy with PDC, I just keep reminding myself of one thing whilst waiting patiently for the first module to appear on this one.

I might be older and not up with what the cool/young kids do these days, but I do know there’s 400 odd million middle class Chinese coming online in the next decade who currently have no access to Facebook.

Decorum if done well will potentially steal the show on SAFE’s arrival for this reason alone.

I also realise until the network develops through further iterations approaches to development will naturally change and be tweaked making any development dates or forecasts very difficult.

The above means Seneca won’t be rushing this one at all and I fully understand why. I’m hanging to see a v1 like everyone else but I would be quite surprised if any real news popped up till Q1 or Q2 next year.

Development is always a slog but with this amount of potential I’m happy to wait. An update would be great I agree, I’m just not sure there’s much to update us with at the moment, I’ll leave that to Seneca though :slightly_smiling_face:


I fully agree, but it’s nice to just hear from Seneca so now and then. More people are heavy with PDC and it feels good to hear from the devs and if he’s still committed. A while back he also told us about a second (web) dev on which we never got any more details. Some people might invest quite a lot of money and it helps when you get updates about the project if you’re an investor of course and so it works the other way round as well, when there are no updates, new investors won’t show up.


@bzee did introduce himself and has been active on here!


One thing ive noticed is that during this BTC run and most other alts falling, PDC seems to have remained relatively constant between 10-12c. Sign of a strong project one hopes!


or people like me use the opportunity to fill their bags with a cheap PDC :wink:


I would be doing the same would I have the finance. I envy you