Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



Enough to keep us busy at least! We’re hoping to release an interesting module soonish, a more broadly featured release shouldn’t be expected on the short term.

Thanks for the confidence people, these last few posts sum up our approach pretty well. I suppose this project directly benefits from the hard learned patience that MaidSafe has taught this community so well over the years! :wink:


I’ve been transfering funds to take advantage of $0.10 PDC, turn my back for a moment and it’s heading to $0.20. LOL!

Ah, it’s all good.


Hi, I can see that there are 50 Mil PDC tokens in circulation. I have few questions, they might be answered earlier and I skipped it but a reply would be appreciated.

Is PDC and Clike coin conversion rate would be 1:1? What would be the max supply of Clike coins? And what was the dollar amount of PDC per token at crowdsale?



Read the “Clike token details” here

Don’t remember exactly but near 0.01$


Thanks, I read it already before asking. I can understand the concept but making an estimate regarding the highest supply, that part I am having trouble with.


I’d guess under 100M unless it gets really really big. In which case you won’t likely be moaning about the slowly increasing supply :wink:



It probably depends a bit what altcoins you flipped before jumping in the crowdsale, but I remember paying $0.0078 per PDC.

Otherwise the best way of calculating that number is using the $ value that was reported back then, that came in. I think it was a little over $400,000 then? Divide that by the number of tokens distributed, and I think you’re again a little below the 1 cent…


Totally Agree it be time when its ready !!


As we have Alpha 2 now, can we expect to hear some good news from PDC team as well?


The suspense is killing me too.

You’d think I’d be used to it by now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Decorum will bring a whole new world of ‘interesting’ to the SAFE ecosystem. I really want to see it! Gah!


/mumbles something about patience and gratitude while sulking


Getting closer guys. Very exited to see how the plans have evolved and what Decorum ultimately will become :slight_smile:


Devs would do good by posting some progress. Volume on Bittrex is only about 1 BTC. If this continues Bittrex might delist. They aren’t shy delisting coins (see the announcement of the BTS and DAR delist for this month).


Dude, in the last month or two PDC has had several days of over 300BTC vol per day. There was even one of 500BTC. That’s pretty huge. There is no risk of de-listing. Harmen already said he contacted Bittrex back before we had any volume to let them know all was going according to plan and the project was in a good place.

You really should have just left your post at the first line. Progress/updates are fine to ask for, but using ‘exchanges’ as an avenue to try to pressure hard-working devs is silly and unhelpful.


There will unfortunately be more and more of these type of enquiries in this space relatively soon. A quick search kinda should alleviate any new members fears but alas that pesky little magnifying glass maybe needs to be a little bigger :smile::laughing:

Don’t worry @jabba weak hands pass in the night, the strong ones eventually work the riddle out.

Can’t wait for Clikes :heart_eyes:


Bittrex has near zero cost to keep PDC listed because it runs on the Bitcoin blockchain and they already support the Omni protocol anyway. BTS and DAR have their own blockchains, so there’s additional cost and technical risk there. They won’t delist PDC just for a period of lower volume.

The info in the previous update still applies, stay tuned.



ROFL :laughing::laughing:


You know I really love the projects where the dev team is active enough to give replies. Regardless of the continuous updates, a quick reply ensures that the dev team is active and are working on.


Someone is trying to spread the rumour on Twitter that PDC will be delisted from Bittrex:

The rumour is evidently false, as PDC is not included in Bittrex’s official list of pending market removals (even the claimed delisting date was off by a day):

To further combat the potential effect of these delisting rumours, I can tell you that I have just sent a status update to Bittrex of the current context and development to reassure them of the health and honest intentions of this project.


That sounds pretty good to me actually. Apparently that someone wants to buy some cheap PDC.