Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



enjoy your well earned holiday Harmen ! disconnect and let loose (:


One question, how do I store my PDC tokens outside the exchange? It might have been answered before but I missed it. Thank you

P.S: I mean can I store my PDC on the same bitcoin address on omniwallet where I stored Maidsafe?



PDC, SAFE-FS and SEEDS are all Omni assets and you can store them all along with your MAID in the same BTC key pairing. That’s not true of Gamerbits and NVST ofc.

If it is a large amount then I would not store the private key in Omniwallet though. I would just use a BTC paper wallet to store your key offline and only upload it to Omniwallet when you need to use it.

Any service you have to place ‘trust’ in is a weak point in your security. Trust no one :yum:


Why I am bullish on project decorum.
From the website.

Project Decorum started out with the goal to create a decentralised forum. The name comes from DECentralised fORUM. During the design phase, it quickly became clear that the protocol necessary for a decentralised forum would enable any kind of social media product on the SAFE Network. As a result, Project Decorum’s goal has evolved to realize a decentralised social platform, fit for all kinds of digital social activity.

If you could go back in time and buy shares in Facebook would you? You would see a 4x increase.
Facebook is valued by investors, and you don’t have access to the money facebook makes.
Facebook makes money, and controls data.

Project decorum, will give you control over personal data. It will also give you direct access to the value of social networks on the safe net via the token. It’s a valuable project for society.

I’m happy I have some decorum tokens. I can’t wait to create a decorum profile.

If you are are a believer in the SAFE network, you should hold decorum coins.


You are correct. PDC is my biggest holding in any coin. More so than MAID themselves. This product will absolutely fly off the shelves!


I also can’t wait to see what the real name will be. Harmen said he doesn’t want to spill the beans until he has the name locked down on SAFE. It won’t be called Decorum though in the end afaik


There has been a Twitter account claiming it is official. Has Seneca confirmed it is?


It is not! This is my Twitter account:

@statdude, thank you for bringing this up, I reported the account on Twitter for impersonation.


The account seems to still be there. I wonder what they’re planning and why they’ve gone to the trouble?

Scammers :face_vomiting: /shudder


How’s your work is going? I just heard that there’s another team member. BUT there’s no website update, no information at all…

Since I’m IT programmer, I understand that developing new code is tough one. But @Seneca should communicate with other people periodically. We all depend on you.


PDC on a bit of a tear again this evening. Up to 18 cents at the moment.

I guess anticipation is building for that v1 drop. Fingers crossed all is going well. It’s nice to see the project is being noticed before it even appears. A $10M cap is pretty healthy with nothing released yet. Better than I ever would have expected at this stage. I remember buying in to MAID when it was just a $7M cap. My how things have changed in just a couple of years!

Can’t wait to see that v1 release. Exciting times. :crazy_face::grin:


Wow, price is 25 cents! It’s amazing!


High of 30c is nice to see. I think @Savage’s prediction of >$1 PDC this year might well end up being correct.

I just want to see it tbh. All the SAFE toys are very cool, but for a non-techy like me testing is pretty limited and unsatisfying at this stage. I can’t wait to have a proper play with Decorum though… forums, community cliques, webs-of-trust. I find all that stuff fascinating!



Hi, I’m a new investor and it took me a while before I found this topic. You might update your website and other things (like twitter) so they point to this thread. Also, please consider proving you’re the dev on your twitter and tweet about the other twitter account being a fraud… I got confused for a moment too… :wink:


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Should we need to worry because the dev team is consisting of 2 people and neither of them are giving any sign of life for quite a long time?


I think YES, because no signs of development…


This may sound odd to you but the fact they are laying low is actually a very good and very unusual thing in this space.
Harmen from what I’ve ascertained is no nonsense and is known and respected here and will show up with goods when everything is in place and not before. It’s a completely different situation from what you may read about with some other projects where they simply are here to well frankly stooge everyone gullible enough (cough NVO cough).
Good things will come here just understand their position in this community is an important one and they treat it that way by being somewhat removed and not showboating their wears or desires…sounds kinda like some Scottish bloke living up in Troon ay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I have full confidence in @Seneca. Everything I have read, which I believe is every single word he has ever written within this genre, have made sense and tbh at times have been quite brilliant.

Guy came up with howto even do a decentralized forum on safenet himself.

I’ve said it many times but, I believe that there will be serious hype around this project. It’s a “decentralized forum” within a “decentralized network”, I mean, how cooler can u be… hehe.

And guess what, when safenet goes live everyone will be using decorum and the first communities on safenet (hopefully) will be formed with the help of it.


No - I’m pretty sure there’s no need to worry.

There was never a promise of regular updates, and I’m sure they’ll deliver something as soon as it’s functional. There hasn’t been much time with the pieces in place that they need (if indeed they have them all yet).

I wouldn’t be worried unless they haven’t delivered anything by the time others have delivered polished projects on top of the Safe network.

I expect decorum will be ahead of the curve given their brainpower, financial resources, and sharp focus.

Over communicating and overhyping is not something I expect :slight_smile: