Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



I received this in a Google alert and thought I’d share it here -


Any news? Project still alive?


Sorry but It’s dead I think…


Perhaps it’s bigger than you think and given API’s are just now stabilizing, porting to MD is taking a little while and version one is just around the corner. Or maybe Harmen is waiting for alpha 2 so version one can live for a bit while he makes improvements based off user feedback? I only purchased $10 worth of pdc at crowdsale so this is not biased bagholder rhetoric. Just saying there are a lot of “maybes” but most likely given Harmen’s character it’s more likely he wants to deliver a quality project.


He’s only had a couple of weeks since the APIs and MD have been sorted enough for him to really get his teeth into things. Give the guy a break. Even given the SAFEnet delays and extra prep work time he’s had, 2-3 months is still a more reasonable expectation for v1. I’d give it at least another month or two before I expect any releases, but who knows. Clikes and/or V1 could be here in a matter of weeks. I wouldn’t go ringing any death knells yet


Just joined this week so sorry if this is a dumb question but is PDC available for purchase anywhere? I looked on Poloniex and did not see it. Thanks.


Bittrex is the only place to be so far. And maybe a decentralized exchange on OMNI. But I would go for Bittrex.


If anyone is apprehensive, my friends at Gamerbits Ltd are accepting PDC for their Chinese eSports currency project. SAFE-FS as well, paying above the ICO price for both PDC & SFSC. This is the thread to discuss with them. Sounds like it will start today or tomorrow.


At the very bottom of their site it is says “(Preview. Actual sale begins July 30th, 2017)”


yeah but the updates on that thread I linked to show that they’re at the final stages, and pushing to open up sooner than that


Let’s stay on topic and limit the discussion in this thread to Project Decorum / PDC. The Gamerbits discussion can be held in the thread linked to by @whiteoutmashups


Wow price is getting closer to all time highs! Is there any news?


MD testnets have given Harmen more to work with, so his preparation and research can all start to bear fruit soon. I’d imagine we’re pretty close to seeing something from him. Presuming he has all he needs from the SAFE APIs and doesn’t run into any of his own development roadblocks anyway. The price really ought to be rising for the next month or two imo, but then I am an eternal optimist and invested/biased :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sorry to be off topic but I am only responding in this PDC thread regarding SFSC because of your above statement @whiteoutmashups

My ICO price for SFSC was approx .00001200. Gamerbits is offering SFSC for an approx price of 1.2 cents which is about .00000378 today (Aug 6th). That would be an approx loss of 70% of my ICO price. Just wanted to share this with anyone thinking of selling their SFSC who beleive they are getting “above the ICO” price or 150% ROI as stated by @Gamerbits .

I know these statements were made before the crowdsale so if @Gamerbits has renegotiated their price since then please let us know. Thank you.


As I understood it it was 150% like they said, I’ll check with them


Do you have any news ?


Was that question meant for me?

I only know what you know. @Seneca will do a public reveal when he’s ready I guess. I shouldn’t imagine it will be much longer now. Clikes and v1 should be here in a matter of weeks/months fingers crossed (I am an optimist btw :wink: )

Harmen is shrewd, he’s kept his head down and his mouth shut because it was the sensible play until he can release something… Once v1 is out an we can all give our feedback and help guide development this thread will become very active I’m sure. I think we all just have to be patient until then though; the only possible teaser we might get to whet our appetites is Clikes before v1.

We all know this stuff is coming soon, the ‘when’ will probably catch us all off-guard


I do have some news, since last wednesday the Project Decorum team consists of two members! He is a former fellow uni student who always impressed me with his quick learning and work ethic. He has more webdev experience than I and this has already proven beneficial. I’ll ask him to register on the forums soon so he can introduce himself with what further information he wants to share.


Great news, are you guys doing this full-time?


Me yes, him no. Maybe some day, we’ll see. Depending on how things go the coming months I may be looking to take on a third member.

Oh and FYI, I’ll be on a 7-day vacation starting on August 22. Not the most ideal timing I admit, but the coming two weeks was the only time my signficant other had time off from her work.