Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



Thank you for your help


Also Poloniex does not trade PDC, unless they added it very recently

I know Bittrex does trade PDC


Thanks. I’ve no problem waiting as long as it is not abandoned.


Hi Dev,
Any update on the development please.
Are we expecting the Testnet soon?


He’s waiting for the MD testnet. It will probably be surprisingly quick from there to v1.

Should get exciting relatively soon. :wink:


I agree. This is why I was asking


Are you asking about the SAFE testnet? If so then the dev updates is the best place to look and ask.

Otherwise Decorum is also waiting for the testnet with MDs and the developer @Seneca does not have any control or input as to when MDs will appear in the SAFE testnet.


Thank you. I just created an account to thank you. :slight_smile:
I gave some BTC to the crowdfunding and did not know how to see my PDC. But finally I understood now. ( one year later hehe)

So I ll leave them there for the long term and store my private-key well.

When the project is launched they ll become Clikes if i understood correctly?
I ll be able to transfer using that private key,won’t I? what if omniwallet gets compromised?
Should I transfer them using omniwallet somewhere else for better safety?

I am sure that many people not tech savvy who gave some BTC wonder the best ways to manage they funds.

Thank you cryptokrill and have a nice day :wink:


Welcome to the forum Viktor :+1:.

Yes, this is correct.[quote=“Rbnt, post:1014, topic:8474”]
I ll be able to transfer using that private key,won’t I? what if omniwallet gets compromised?

No login details leave your computer with that website. So you should be good (same for me, hopefully :smiley:). They support making a backup file as well. So even if they go down you should still be able to use OMNI core to get your coins.

Most secure solution would be to use a cold offline wallet. I use a combination of both for my MAID en PDC.


KIK’s white paper on KIN has some ideas that may be interesting in terms of Clikes and Decorum.
Not sure if it’s of interest to you @Seneca but worth a mention.


Is there any news? I don’t see any updates from seneca…


I haven’t heard any news, other than someone really wants to buy some PDC and fast! Up almost 100% at some points today… crazy (though I believe they’ll make a good return in time even if the price dips back)!


Very thin order book, so doesn’t take much to pump the price a lot. I’d guess it could easily do a very quick 10x from here once v1 is out with Clikes etc.

I can’t wait to see the web-of-trust and watch it evolve through iterations, Clikes should be interesting too, there’s a lot to find interesting in it, I was surprised it didn’t have more buy pressure sooner really. I guess, like SAFE, its time will come.


But where seneca dissapeared? He was very often online and now he is always off from community


I think he considers himself in a very public role and so distances himself from debates or everyday discussions a little. He still pops in to like comments, and watch discussions AFAIK. Whenever I send him something I think may be interesting to him he will like it. I don’t doubt Harmen for a second


I haven’t disappeared, I just read a lot more than I post.

There has been no news from me and I’m careful not to leak insider info in personal conversations, so this market activity is at most based on the anticipated release of the next SAFE testnet/alpha sporting MutableData. As most of you know, MutableData will be the engine behind dynamic SAFE (web)apps.


Obviously someone who realises MD testnets means Clikes and v1 Decorum are getting very close.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve been building Harmen, echo Nigel’s sentiments completely.


From the looks of the market on PDC today, someone else must think the same way!


Noticed this a while back on the Omni coins list, very interesting project although I admit I do not understand the technical details in their entirety. Sounds like a somewhat world-changing project however, in terms of social medias. Really seemed to stand out from some of the other Omni protocol coins as something with a bright future ahead of it.


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