Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



Why is it that there is always a difference in the $ value of PDC when compared between coinmarketcap and omniwallet. I have not noticed it to be the case with MAID.
The variance is pretty large.
Sucks when you look at omni and think Christmas came early, then the grinch (coinmarketcap) takes it away :smirk:


Probably due to low liquidity/volume.


Hey @Seneca I thought you would really appreciate this. Had a couple of aha moments in there beyond the basic understanding of the attention economy.


I bought substantial amount at ICO. What happen to this project?

Dev, if you’re still around, please update.



You should be safe, they were waiting for MD inside the api. They are still busy with it.
I know your feeling by not being updated when you have money in it, I still have some decent stake muse/peertracks on bitshares but I think I ran out of luck with that one brrrr


I too was stung heavily on Muse. I think a lot of people were stung with all those fake BTS summer announcents by Stan back in 2014/16 whenever it were. And yes, I am very bitter toward the whole BTS thing.


Bitshares itself is ok to me. Nice to see it’s attracting money/people. The Chinese are giving it attention now :relaxed:
I hate limitations like on Bitsquare etc…


Just a bit more patience required. Harmen is still working away and when SAFE has all the functionality he needs we’ll see v1 pretty quickly.

All is still going to plan, not too much longer to wait before we start to see some bits coming from Decorum I reckon. Patience will be rewarded eventually I’m sure.


Big buy, considering usual volume.


Yeah, and considering selling bitcoin during a good bullish period, into a rather obscure project… This buyer/these buyers must be expecting more upside in PDC than in bitcoin. That’s a bold statement.


I’m not so sure. I guess Decorum once working could become analogous to Steem, which now has a market cap of around $200m, which is 140x Decorum’s valuation, so there’s potential for big upside if you believe the Safe network will perform well, and you’re happy with a long term position.

Once alpha comes out and Decorum’s proof of concept is released, I expected a big increase in PDC, even if the exact function of Clikes is a bit mysterious (to me at least).


I agree, I feel quite sure Clikes will outperform BTC over the next 12 months, by a long way most likely.



There is no indication that it will happen but my hope is Clikes or even test Clikes are live before test Safecoin in which case I believe the rise will be spectacular.
And awesome publicity for Decorum.


you don’t think mooning BTC will rain on the parade?
x140 would be kind of nice for sure. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m new guy here and could someone explain why I need to invest in Decorum? Why we need decourum coin if we already have maidsafe coin? Could someone explain about It? About project coin and pros?


No way, not given their relative size. For Decorum to go 10x would only take it reaching a $15m cap, If the project is a success and useful to people then that would be the very start with plenty of room to explode from there. BTC would have to hit $300bn for your first 10x and the numbers start to get pretty optimistic after that if you’re hoping to see your investment keep growing indefinitely.

Decorum is also way more disruptive and the innovations have enormous positive implications if they work - even relative to bitcoin. It’s higher risk, but apart from that all I can see are good reasons to weigh heavily towards a spread of unknown and undervalued Alts like Clikes over BTC now. I only hold a couple of BTC these days. I want to support and be on board with tomorrow’s big disruptions, not today’s big stories :wink:


It’s a big one to explain in a forum post…

Probably best to get reading then ask more specific questions if there’s anything you don’t fully understand. :grin:


Listen to these

There is plenty of info in this thread and a search of the forum will provide quite a bit more.


How to keep decorum coin? It’s the same like maidsafe? Need to buy in poloniec and transfer to omni wallet?


Hi @Lackys

It’s the same like maidsafe? Need to buy in poloniec and transfer to omni wallet?

Yeah it’s also a omni token and you can keep it in Omni wallet, you can get it on