Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



@Seneca please can you confirm your thoughts on when will you have a version that you can make public and where will you be making it available?


First version is solely a web app, so just a matter of using the SAFE Beaker browser to visit the link. I’m going to convert the code from using Structured/Appendable- to MutableData API, so it’ll be a while longer, not sure how much. I’ll definitely let everyone here know when the release is imminent. Good news though is that this new API will enable some previously unviable features. Exciting times for SAFE and it’s apps!


Lots of new eyeballs here, due to the rally, so would be great if more info was posted here more frequently. In my view, from an investor perspective, most of the value comes from this most likely being the “bitcointalk” of safenet. That won’t happen if the new guys aren’t informed :wink:


@Seneca, please don’t fall into the trap of refactoring forever. Perfect is the enemy of good. Fail fast, fail often. It’s just a testnet.


Could you elaborate a little, I guess you don’t want to let all your secrets out the bag but we are chomping at the bit for something juicy. :slight_smile:


Way back the plan was for the coin to be minable, has there been any change to that?

IMO, as I’ve said before, the simplest route is almost always the best one, so why not just make it a token? The more tokens u hold the more % of the pie you get. Simple. :slight_smile:

To make it minable just seem counter productive and confusing. It’s sortof paradoxical as well, that the first real project on safenet needs a blockchain, but it sortof doesn’t… :confused: And almost all ICO’s as of late have just given their investors Ethereum tokens and not created their own blockchain, for kinda obvious reasons. Often after weeks/months of research to find the optimal structure. Some of the projects are comparable to this one IMO.

The mining thing brings with it many other “problems” in a way I think, there is for example a “cap” on what people might expect in gains within a certain time period, If I’m not mistaken at about x10 mining becomes profitable. At which point, new coins come into existence slowing further gains (as the inflation kicks in). Investors generally don’t like this. We want high risk sick returns. Not high risk good returns :wink:

Someone might say, who cares if the investors makes x10 or x1000. Well I would argue that is the most important thing of all. The investors comes first and they are the first users. If many people stand to profit they are more likely to use and recommend the product. Which the best example of is Bitcoin obv.

I’m assuming that from the plethora of coins this one might not be that popular/known amongst the miners as well and that will obviously negatively reflect upon the value. Maybe I’m wrong on this one and I’m missing some logical piece. I vaguely remember that this particular concern was maybe not a problem.

Anyways, super stoked about the project. Anticipating seeing what the product ultimately is. I hope we haven’t steared to far away from the original idea, which was, if I’m not mistaken. “an open and decentralized forum platform type of thing.”

I as many others wish that more information was given about progress and such, but I respect and acknowledge the importance of holding the cards tight to the chest. Good luck :wink:


Mining is perhaps a misnomer, as this kind of mining will be quite different from mining blocks in a blockchain. I explained the concept in this topic, if you have the time to read it:

As for inflation, Bitcoin has had very high inflation in the past 8 years, it didn’t stop the price from appreciating significantly. The inflation model of Clikes shouldn’t fully offset price increases either.

No worries, everything will become a lot more open soon after the MutableData API implementation and exposure in the SAFE Browser. As David Irvine said in this thread some time ago, we don’t want a false start. Then after implementation of data republishing after network restarts we can start creating our social networks in earnest, since we should be able to retain them between test networks. This is when we can hopefully generate a lot of user feedback to optimise the user experience. Those will be exciting times for sure!


I didn’t realize this coin will be subject to inflation at all. What will determine the rate of inflation?


It’s explained on the crowdsale page itself, including a fancy graph:

Check under “Clike token details”.


Regarding the API implementation and exposure in the SAFE Browser - are we talking about weeks or months here?


You should prepare for a release. The dominoes are almost completely fallen in place.


Hope development is going well.

One thing that came to my mind, based on some previous projects I’ve been involved in is that since you are not sharing that much for obvious reasons, you don’t receive much if any correction either.

Like who knows what this guy in Netherland is thinking you know… hehe. Maybe you are there like “I’m going to make facebook 2.0” or something. Which would be a pretty bad idea IMO, people who will use safenet, generally have little to no interest in joining a social network for obvious reasons. If they did, they would just use Facebook because all their friends are there :wink:

What is most important of all, is that the thing you are building is the first place in which the community gathers to discuss. That is a MASSIVE opportunity obviously and has to be to main focus. Do that and chances are looking good :slight_smile:


Hmmmm this is suspiciously almost like decorum clike I would say?

Btw this is not investment advice I was just reading about this and no this is not my own project. :stuck_out_tongue:


Who is willing to guess at what the first iteration will deliver? wild guesses a hopes of course!


I follow this forum for number of years, @Seneca was very active member. always contribute until he raise NOW NEARLY 1 MILLION after price rise and no more, no posts, no activity.
The worse is @dirvine mention/support this project in number of post and podcast, this is embarrsing mistake for maidsafe.
2 apps now take money from the community and build nothing, they sit pretty with free money.
I will never invest in SAFE community project again, 2 times I lose money on fake project.


It’s true that he’s been far less active in the community since the funds were received, which is odd, but not necessarily worrying.

I don’t get any impression that Seneca has abandoned the project at all. From his comments, he seems to be waiting until the feature set is in the core network to show what Decorum can do.

Rightly or wrongly, I also get the impression he’s given some input to the core team in terms of indicating what he needs from the Safe network platform to build Decorum successfully.

There’s not a lot he can do before the platform enables him to release an alpha of Decorum. I hope, and expect that your fears are unfounded.


Perhaps, it could be, but we have met @Seneca and he seems reasonable, honest and capable. I have faith that he is extremely busy and I can really understand that. It’s not on par with safex at all, which was a great shame and looks like it was not so much a scam but very badly managed and for some reason aggressively has become anti SAFE, it may change, but we never had the same faith there (or I did not) for many reasons, some of which we have seen since.

Decorum may fail, any project can, but I know how hard it is and @Seneca has shown POC and makes insightful posts that gives me faith he follows the codebase and understands it. I do have faith, but that is personal.

In innovative space there are something like 90% failures, we should remember that in crowdsales etc. The upside can be great financially if they work out, but I look at the value to humanity first. Everyone is different but that is what I do.

In any case I do feel your pain and understand your position, we all wish @Seneca the best of luck and will support where we can (he has access to and been in meetings with us).

I blame our speed more than @Seneca delivering right now, when the new SDK is up and a few weeks go by I suspect we will see much more activity.


I am following SAFE development and this forum. It’s true I post a lot less than I used to, but that’s mostly because I’m more careful in sharing my opinions since I’m a bit more of a public figure now and want to be an uncontroversial representative of this project. I’m sorry you feel this way @lostmoney, but I assure you that you’ll change your mind in due time.

Thanks for your kind words and support @dirvine. It is true that in the past months working on app implementation doesn’t feel as productive, with the upcoming switch from Appendable/StructuredData to Mutabledata and the current switch from Launcher to Authenticator. I don’t blame the MaidSafe devs though, they have an incredibly challenging job and are doing great, despite it taking longer than everyone hoped.

So yes, I am “waiting” for the ImmutableData SDK and subsequent DOM API implementation, but I’m not twiddling my thumbs. I’m researching, studying other similar projects and understanding distributed networks better. The initial ideas I presented as Project Decorum didn’t come to be in a few days, I spent many months contemplating and refining them. I haven’t stopped doing that!


Second that. I can understand some of the worries, and maybe a little of the impatience too, but I do not share those feelings.

I’ve invested quite substantially in Decorum and Safe FS, and can’t wait to see this come to fruition. But I’m very patient too. I’ve said it before in same or likewise words, but quality goes above speed in my opinion. We don’t want a DAO disaster again, right? :slight_smile:

There you go! Thanks for the update, @Seneca !


It just occured to me I haven’t yet publicly shared my short presentation from the SAFE Dev Amsterdam meetup some time ago. It’s a more refined concept of divisible alt-coins on SAFE that I’ve vaguely talked about on these forums in the past. It may be a bit harder to understand without commentary, but could be interesting to some nonetheless.

The first test implementation of Clikes will use this alt-coin model, with some extras.

How transactions (could) take place using Decorum