Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



No, I’ll attend but I won’t give any presentation. I had hoped to reveal this week but am simply not quite there yet.

I look forward to meeting @nicklambert and @lightyear this evening, and will also attend the SAFE Dev meetup coming friday!


Likewise Harmen, see you in a couple of hours.


How goes it Mr @Seneca?


Slower than I hoped (obviously), I was struggling with library incompatibilities so I had to switch one for another with similar functionality that I could get to play nice with the rest. Won’t be too long now I think, but probably best not to make any promises.


Is this something to be concerned about?

"Bittrex Market Removal Policy - Updated 12/01/16

Bill 12/04/2016
Updated on 12/02/16: Note the the minimum volume required went up on 12/01/16 to 0.5 BTC average per day in December."


Something to watch for sure, thanks for posting! Note this:

Q] Why are some coins up for delisting but others aren’t?

A] We provide exceptions for new coins just launched on the exchange, some charity coins, assets on secure blockchains (like an XCP token) and when there are good reasons to keep it.

Omni tokens are similar to XCP token (they run on top of the Bitcoin blockchain).

Still, I’ll get pro-active on this just to be sure:

b1) If you are on the development team or foundation of a blockchain, tell us about what is happening with it. Be proactive. We love to know that the risks we took in adding you to the exchange were worth it.

b2) If you are a token holder or generally are a fan of a specific token, let us know. But don’t spam.


How does it look? Whether the problems being resolved?


Can you give us any update?


Library issues were resolved, yes. I now divide my time between bug hunting, UI design and planning changes for the MutableData update (


Yes @Seneca it’s really worth getting the new SDK for this project. Otherwise it will look like a false start. We are working very hard to get this to you and not delay you any longer. It is very close and the guys will chime in to help get you mock-routing and mutable data locally to work against that. It will save a ton of time and also get you in line with mobile apps as that is a path we are chasing down now. @Krishna_Kumar and @lightyear and others will be a great help here.

Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Great to hear! Thanks for update.


When do you believe you will have a Version 0.1 please?


Hey, first of all: Great idea, great concept. I think this will cause a stir, I’m sure.
My question: Why is there no bitcointalk thread? Or something similar.
Or will there be more info and more discussion when everything’s taking shape?


Once v0.1 comes out there will be something to talk about I’m sure. There doesn’t seem much point in getting the conversation going just yet, but as soon as it does appear we’ll be discussing it in all the usual crypto hangouts undoubtedly - bct is more speculators than technology fans though; I wouldn’t expect a high calibre conversation over there, it’s usually just a lot of trolls, fudsters and con-men messing with greedy and short-sighted speculators.


I can’t wait for Decorum. The world could really use a social platform with substance. @Seneca patiently awaiting a 1.0 :smile: I know there are some things you’re waiting on but hope all is going well.


Has anybody here played with the Akasha alpha on ethereum? It’s pretty much exactly what I’m expecting from Decorum.


It occurred to me recently that Clikes are likely/possibly going to be the first coins on the network.
Does v0.1 come out with test Clikes @Seneca?


Haven’t heard of akasha but will take a look.


Any way of selling my shares … tokens


If you are talking of PDC (project decorum coins) then they are listed on Bittrex exchange.