Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



Everything’s going well, last week I was ill for a day or four, but that’s over now. I’m contemplating whether to switch to the official API already or not. My custom API doesn’t have something like AppendableData, but the official API is currently short on ownership transferability, which I want to use for several features. It’s in the end more work to stick to my custom API for now, but worth it in some ways I think.


Patience I have and think others should have.

Do what you need to when you need to…-thumbsup-


Excellent, can you jump on the dev forum to progress this. It’s exactly this kind of feedback we are looking for now.


@Seneca -

Not sure if you are registered on there, but this thread is right up your street.


@Seneca were you able to convey your requirements to the team as David suggested so that they can help.


@Seneca will decorum be able to do videos or live feeds??


What I need will come with the revamp for StructuredData @Traktion linked to!

In so far the SAFE Network supports those things, yes.


only just checked my crowdsale address.
anyone know the price at crowdsale please?
i have just over 42,000 and put in 1 btc, does that sound about right?


That sounds about right.

The price varied throughout the crowdsale period because of the fluctuating Bitcoin price, and bonuses if people invested early, so it’s not possible to give a specific price, though there is a spreadsheet that shows the workings address by address if you want to check it (link from first post:



Will you be able to give us a at least weekly or bi-weekly update on the development please?
Any plan on doing some interviews as I mention previously like

  1. Coin Interview:
  2. Epicenter Bitcoin:



Last week I had a video talk first with Nick, then last monday with David and Viv, and the day after with Krishna. Without going into detail, we discussed some of the things I was still missing in the API for the full set of Project Decorum features and made arrangements for closer contact and feedback in the future. It probably won’t be necessary any more for me to release the modified safe_core and safe_launcher code with my own custom API, so that allows me to focus solely on the app code, which is good news.

One of the things I implemented myself was a function and API endpoint to send StructuredData of a chosen type_tag to a particular public ID, which can also function as a coin transaction. I implemented a very crude wallet for a test Clike coin using that, which seems to work as intended, though I haven’t exhaustively tested all edge cases so far. It was pretty cool to experience that vaults already supported this! It goes in the freezer for now, until there is an equivalent API endpoint available. So back to developing core social media functionality again it is!

As for interviews, I very much hope to be able to give a Project Decorum presentation at in december. I assume it will be recorded and uploaded.

MaidSafe Dev Update – November 15, 2016
Safecoin Wallet requirements brainstorming

Awesome you got some face to face! Also glad the team collectively take that effort. You have major cred in my book for forking and advancing things all on your own for your POC. Others should take a page from your book. I can’t wait to see the finished product!!! Best of luck!


Great News Seneca.
Do you have a road map that we can follow (with some dates).
Thanks again


Why the upward movement in price? Is there news somewhere that I missed.


There’s no liquidity around the price range so any buy under 2500 sats that is taken out of the book instead of placed as an order causes big movement. It looks like someone bought a btc or two yesterday and today. The depth looks the same, so no upward price movement really. If you tried to sell a few btc of it you’d soon see the price hasn’t really moved, even if it looks 30% higher :wink:


Hi Seneca,

Do you have a road map that we can follow (with some dates).


Version 0.1 in early december, what happens after that will depend on feedback and SAFE’s general progress.


Thanks for the update.
Please let me know when it’s ready. I will try to test it if you want


Brilliant! I didn’t expect anything this soon. Very excited to see what you’ve come up with dude. The world desperately needs it. People seem to get all of their news from social media these days and I know I’m not the only one who feels uncomfortable at the thought of companies like facebook controlling the dialogue. I can’t wait to see and read more about the web-of-trust and how it will all work. Huge kudos to you for what you’re trying to do here dude! 'Nuff respect

/exciting stuff


Could tonight’s Bitcoin Wednesday be where it’s unveiled?