Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



Even if no progress a regular update would be appreciated. This is an important project! :slight_smile:


This is the active RFC page on GitHub. Notice the #0037 Disjoint Groups. This is quite an update to routing when it’s implemented. My guess is that it’s a lot easier to implement structured data after this RFC is finished then before. On the current version of routing each node has it’s own routing table and perspective into the network. After the Disjoint Groups RFC is implemented nodes share a common address range and routing table. So how does that help? Well, if you have structured data address “ABC” there’s a defined set of nodes responsible for holding that data, it’s also more secure as each group (when data goes over several HOPS) signs echt step.

The RFC @Seneca was talking about was a structured data RFC. So what I understand is that we have to wait for that thing or a version by Maidsafe or another dev to arrive and get implemented. And my guess is that the new routing will make it a bit more easy when that’s finished. So I also guess no devs likes to burn hands on SD code right now as of routing. But hey, we tagged the friendly Decorum guy so he probably will soon reply here ;-).

This one is proposed btw: Append by all Structured Data Type


I participated in crowdsale in April, but have not heard any further progress.
Is the project ongoing or abandon?


Only three days ago @polpolrene gave an update with a quote of @Seneca that explains a lot, if not all. :slight_smile:


To be honest it would be re-assuring to have @Seneca answer from time to time here


Ongoing, definitely, but not at full steam yet, see my previous post.

I just returned from a short vacation (visited my family for 8 days who were camping in Italy), hence the late reply.

I will start a blog this month, with an initial focus on some of the most experimental features, including a sneak peak on how privacy-friendly personalized search levering the envisioned web of trust can work. It’ll probably make you appreciate the necessity of live experimentation, since the efficiency and speed of the SAFE Network will determine which of several possible designs will provide the optimal user experience.


Interessssting. I was playing around with some of this (maintaining and index, and the possibility of sharing),but yeh. My main conclusion was any effective solution would need to be overlaid on something decorum-y.

I’m excited to see what you’ve got going on!


hi. How do I get my decorum tokens please? Obviously I entered the crwdsale and I have the private key thanks :slight_smile:


They were send out already a while ago (halfway May, and PDC was listed on Bittrex in the first week of June), so you should have them already? Was your send address + number of PDC to receive confirmed in the documents that @Seneca posted on May 12th?

I think you can still find them here:


yes mine is here


looks like the 0.5 BTC is now worth 0.09 BTC. DAYMN. Thats the risk with crowdsales I guess


With omniwallet ( you should be able to check if the PDC has arrived. Can you check that? Then Bittrex is currently listing them for 0.00001929 XBT each so you should be able to calculate what they are worth. I find it hard to believe your contribution dropped that much… Instead, it should be worth a little more.


It’s about a cent at the moment per PDC. I think that isn’t far off from the crowdfundprice, depending on the time you got the coins.


Are you sure that’s you? 0.5btc should have got you more like 40k…depending when you bought in. Worth about 0.75btc now. Sounds like something isn’t right?!


I put 0.5BTC in. But it works out today at 0.44BTC!


Does depend when you bought in and what you bought in with, the price of maid changed a lot in that month, btc rocketed. People who bought late with btc got much more than the 15% early birds got… more like 30%+.


seriously I put in 0.5 and got 4190 Coins. I think I did it at the end. Anyway I divided my bitcoin by more than 5 lol. I am glad I didnt put in more! For that I am grateful as I sometimes go a bit over the top with ICO’s. Im not a kid and I know the risks so please dont pitty me.


That’s a shame. But I suppose that is the risk when investing in anything crypto. :-/


+1 :slight_smile: I have lost and gained with ICO’s they are hard to judge really. Lisk I put 20 Bitcoin in and did alright. So it aint the end of the world


Ouch… In the 15% bonus period I got 23,400 something per half a bitcoin. I remember posting a calculation in this topic of 0.0096 per PDC what they cost in , and several other members here were around that number too. So when it is now floating around $0.011 on Bittrex, there’s nothing to complain I guess… :slight_smile: