Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



seems like he has troubles or some duties for the end of June . we will see in July what will be


It seems that this project was always predicated on the launch of the Safe Network.

You can’t have a social media site on a platform that isn’t complete yet. Patience for this one should be the order of the day. I read your Tweets and know that you are all over the place. File this one away for later. It’s simple.

This isn’t being developed by, it takes time.


how about you say or spell something @Seneca , you still alive?


@Seneca it would be good for you to check in here please. We haven’t heard from you in about 3 weeks.


Still alive! I read the forums whenever I have the time, but try to refrain from posting to avoid getting dragged in time consuming discussions that I can’t really afford right now.

Some tidbits of news: I recruited someone more experienced in business and management affairs for a part time position. He’ll mostly stay in the background I expect, but should have valuable contributions on a variety of aspects of this project (he also has a sharp mind concerning UX). Meanwhile I’m doing slow but steady research on algorithms related to the envisioned web of trust, which I consider both the major challange and the biggest source of potential new features in the coming years.

No troubles, everything is fine with me!


just have wrote what you said earlier
))) don’t show me like a fudder )


Hm. I wrote @Seneca because I needed assistance for a project I am looking into. Hope everything is alright. Hopefully he is hiring a communication officer.


Lol probably a good idea, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I think most of us knew Harmen wasn’t the type to talk when he has nothing new to say. He’ll be working away on something like the perfectionist he is; we’ll get something well-crafted and well-made eventually and I’m sure he’ll make some time for comms as soon as he has anything new to communicate. As he said, he’s reorganising his life around the project, so I’d imagine he’s just really busy. Anyone who has ever moved anywhere knows how hectic and busy it can be.

He said from July, so I expect we’ll start getting some kind of update on progress pretty soon.


Actually I missed this post for some strange reason (first I thought the last one was a month old), so I guess he is around and busy with stuff.


Update from my situation. Those instructions were indeed to technical for me, so I didn’t know how to do that.
Dev helped me only with the first 2 commands and than I didn’t get any reply from him anymore.

Last answer from him is from 28th may, so 40 days ago and he is still holding my 2 BTC worth of PDC.

If there is anyone else who can help me, let me know.

Edit: just got a reply from him now … he just forgot about me last month :smiley:


At the close of the crowdsale, how many PDC for 1 BTC? Anyone remember? :smile:


Think it was around 45k-50k per BTC, depending when you bought (bonus/fluctuations in MAID/BTC)


beekeeper Thanks. :smile:


@Seneca how is developing progressing with project decorum?


I’m working on a RFC right now. I can’t really develop Project Decorum efficiently until we have a StructuredData API. When that happens you’ll see a new test version online quickly, with some additional social features.


Hey Seneca, I still have no received my ICO decorum coins. I was forwarded here from the ANN thread on bitcointalk and told that you might be able to help me out with this issue.

Lemme know what you need me to do to get this taken care of.

bitcointalk name: Selsonblue


Hey Seneca,
How Decorum compare to Alexandria or Decent please


Hi Seneca. Hope the project is shaping along nicely :slight_smile:

I recommend that you perhaps do a monthly blog post or something, so everyone knows how things are going and what the near and future plans are. Doing so will both be of value for us who invested, allowing us to contribute if needed and also be great for PR. Some crypto news website might pick up and write about it, you never know :wink: It will also help spread the word about SafeNet and help establishing your application as an integral part of that longterm.

Also maybe redundant to say so at this point, but Steemit seems to have figured out a way to merge a social platform and their coin. Worth taking a note of :wink:


Any news?

Feels like there is no progress on the project :disappointed:


Well, to be fair he has to wait for safenetwork before he can actually build anything. None of the devs can build any final versions of anything yet, but hopefully that will change very soon. He’s done the PoC. Most of what he can do now is preparation as I understand it.

It would be nice to hear about his hiring schedule or a roadmap or something though I agree. Come on @Seneca, it’s august now, tell us something… :wink: