Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)

Ouch… In the 15% bonus period I got 23,400 something per half a bitcoin. I remember posting a calculation in this topic of 0.0096 per PDC what they cost in , and several other members here were around that number too. So when it is now floating around $0.011 on Bittrex, there’s nothing to complain I guess… :slight_smile:

If you have private key for 1JbMcPg6mD9ZgRpuHaqvpyQXEDwDjSRJfh then you’re in control of 30837 PDC worth about $290. Please enjoy and stop whinging about your loss.

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You can check that here:

As @MakkaPakka said, enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hi Seneca,

It will be good (when you have time) to do some interviews to expose the project for example with
Epicenter Bitcoin

or (Tai Zen)

and maybe write more articles about the project.
Another project coming very soon is Decent


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some info about blog? or some progress?) may be with launch of alpha safenetwork will we see it?

Hah, you asked while I was writing this update!

As some may have read in my posts on the forums lately, I have been customizing safe_launcher and safe_core. I was impatient to get to work, and figured I could try expanding the API myself. I’m glad to share that that actually turned out pretty well, so I now have my own implementation of a basic StructuredData API!

I’ve started working on a new experimental version of Project Decorum. This time not in native Javascript (like the Proof of Concept), but using React + Redux. This is a new architecture for me (I have a C++ background, not web development), so progress is a bit slower at first, but in the end development should become a lot faster. In that regard it’s a bit like MaidSafe’s switch from C++ to Rust.

Now MaidSafe has a low level API RFC in progress, so there’s a chance they’ll release that before the first version of this experimental is ready for release. If that happens, I should be able to switch to their API in a short time frame. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll release the source + binaries of the customised Launcher and a slightly adjusted Vault. This will allow us to create a community network specifically tailored to test and develop Project Decorum. I’ll also rent a number of droplets from Digital Ocean to host an initial number of stable vaults.

In addition, the vault and launcher code will be adjusted to allow for larger amounts of PUTs, but will at the same time sport a lower file size limit. This way the network will hopefully be stable but at the same time allow users to message, share, endorse, etc. without having to worry about the PUT limit.

When the official test nets get to a state where there’s no real benefit to running our own, we’ll disband it and the droplet vaults will join those networks instead. This should bolster the capacity and stability of those networks, which is beneficial to everyone.

I hope you guys can forgive me the lack of the promised blog post. I’ve been and still am busy coding to get this thing out of the door as soon as possible, which is to me far more important than a blog post. It’s going to have cooler features than you’ll expect!

Edit: Also, after this release I’ll publish all the new code in a public repository and will start taking steps to set up a code contribution reward scheme.


Brilliant dude! Very impressive.

Absolutely, it’s still very early days… getting as much work done as possible is all that matters really at this stage.

Can’t wait… so many clever innovations in the SAFE space; Decorum always sounded like it would have more than it’s fair share of them :wink:


way to go! I still can’t wait to discover PD’s actual name :smiley:


@Seneca I truly respect your perseverance! You pressed on and that’s more than some other, even well known projects can say. Can’t wait to see you’re hard work come to life, good luck!


good luck in this project man… watching closely from ico start :slight_smile:


Great progress Seneca. Keep up the good work. Take care


@Seneca do you think it’s wise to already spend money on advertising? :joy:


Great to hear about the progress you’re making.

This sounds very interesting. If this experiment demonstrated that with a much tighter limit on file size, the network was indeed able to be stabilised, it would be amazing.

Could this potentially result in a ‘crippled’ Safe Network that as well as being suitable for decorum, could handle a kind of Safecoin / cryptocurrency implementation?

I guess this is probably not likely, but just a thought I had when reading your post.

Looking forward to the progress you make in the coming months and the results of your experimentation!

@Seneca (and everyone else) : The safe_core low-level rfc is merged now - Hopefully it should give a fair bit of insight on how we are approaching the whole thing. It would be nice to hear more on it - anything from big picture to sample implementation details that you all think is relevant.

Edit: So this is the API between Launcher and safe_core and @Krishna_Kumar will soon raise another one which should show how these would relay to apps from Launcher.

We have a dedicated thread here for the safe_core rfc listed above in case anyone wants to chip in.


It’s possible to do advertizing without spending a dime
One can contact

  1. Coin Interview:

  2. Epicenter Bitcoin:

Epicenter Bitcoin is a podcast about the technologies, projects & startups driving decentralization and the global cryptocurrency revolution. EB is hosted by… (Tai Zen)
and maybe write more articles about the project.
Another project coming very soon is Decent


Thanks for your response @sam123, but I am not involved with the project. I was just making a joke since this is not an advertisement by @Seneca but the truck of a company with the same name as this project. I spotted it when I was at work and thought it would be funny to post here.

Your suggestions may be useful to others that wish to advertise their projects though :slight_smile:





The RFC for launcher exposing low level api to the applications is also raised. The discussion thread for the RFC is opened in the dev forum. Please do post your suggestions to help in improving the APIs.


Krekc. Gotcha: Indeed very funny. I was wondering what are these trucks…
Take care



Any update please?