Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)

Is there any way to verify my ICO investment and bonus?

The Bitcoin blockchain is your verification, look for your transaction on (BTC) or (MAID). If it’s in there you’re good. At the end of the crowdsale there will be an overview available for review before the PDC are sent.


I’ve read up on the project and it looks very promising to say the least. If you need any promotion assistance, let us know. You can contact us via PM here or email at


Just curious, who is ‘us’?

Myself and my business partner. We have been promoting cryptocurrency projects and services since Jan of 2014.


10% bonus for the next 322 blocks.
Total MAID contributed: Loading… (May take up to 15 seconds, please do not refresh)
Total BTC contributed: 380.00177211
1 BTC currently counts as 5570 MAID

LOADING… not loading :stuck_out_tongue:

ah finally 2439834

can someone explain exactly what these coins would be good for?

I explained the way I see them here.


Is Decorum overlap a little with

I think Decorum could turn out better than datt :wink: personal opinion

even though datt is cool too

With Datt, coins go to the publisher, and he uses them as he wishes.

With Clikes, coins are burned directly in marketing purpose of a specific post, by people’s will.

In the first, the author is propelled to produce more work, in the second, the same. But, in the second, the idea itself gets alive, an idea is not monopolized by an author.

In Decorum, an idea doesn’t belong to anyone, but to everyone. Bye-bye authors’ rights, hello free-market lol.

Summing up: Datt is taxi drivers, Decorum tokens is Uber drivers.

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@uqaz the difference is the SAFE Network


oh, of course.


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It’s prolly somewhere here in the thread so I apologize in advance for my laziness, I sent a few bones to donation address so I had at least something but haven’t got anything returned to the address I sent from. Any help would be appreciated

Gotta wait man. You get coins after everyone has finished buying. What you get is a portion, divided by how much everyone else put in.

Can’t calculate that until everyone has finished putting their money into it.


I sent my bitcoins first day i then imported ny bitcoin address to omni wallet should i have any coins now? I dont see any in my account.

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What he said. :wink:


Okay then! I’m happy to wait for such a great sounding project, thanks @whiteoutmashups


You will get your coins (PDC) after the crowdsale

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hi. if sending bitcoin by ,and have the wallet backuped yet. can i get the decorim coin when ico closed? how? thanks