Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)

Probably nothing like decorum, but thought id share it:


What are you referring to? “RetroShare” or “Decorum”?

If Decorum then you need a lot more to back any such claim since any read of the topic shows it reached a point and cannot advance till SAFE advances further


That’s great and all but if there’s nothing to code at this point, maybe we can have a roadmap or something ? I can’t even explain what decorum is at this point.

I think we’re past the point that the coin is in danger of speculators. I mean it isn’t even tradeable.



Can you please reply to my post above or risk your post being hidden because of community flags

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Does anyone know if PDC is on any exchanges?



This is getting kind of ridiculous. Many of us funded this project, some 10btc+…

I understand that safenet needs to move further along in order to start development, but that was to be expected. Apparently the plan in such a scenario is to just sit idle by, holding a massive crypto bag indefinitely.

The least we should expect is then a reassurance that all the funds are safe, not being spent wastefully and some detailed plans and strategies as to how this will become a great investment. But im not hearing much.

IMO A partial refund would be more than justified at this point. With btc value where it is the project should have 1000% more funding than it needs anyway. Ive seen cases like these before, rarely if ever do they work out.

  1. How much money has been spent?

  2. How are the funds kept? links to wallet plz

  3. Are there any current monthly or future expenses?

  4. Is the plan just to wait indefinitely? Just sit idle for years while the crypto space moves along… No backup plan or other solutions that would allow at least some visible progress?

  5. How does the project manager feel about a partial refund to token hodlers? Given that this situation was not what anyone wanted or expected. How many would honestly have contributed if they were told “thanks now I go about my life with ur crypto and lets see in several years if things are ready to start then”

Edit: If im not mistaken there have been a total of two posts from Seneca since 2018 and one tweet since may 2018! Hopefully my questions above could be addressed swiftly.

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I do not know if you understand that you are in the crypto world. You bought tokens. You didn’t buy shares of a company. The money you sent is NOT yours. That’s the reality, there’s nothing to be angry about…


I understand your impatience, however, if you wanted reassurances like what you have listed you should have negotiated them before investing.

If you look at senecas posts by looking at his profile, it shows all his activity. I did not count them, but there is clearly more than 2.

Refunding you could jeopardize the project, imho a very unreasonable request.

I know btc has risen , so yes , maybe you would like your invested monies back, but that’s just not how it works.

Do you really think it’ would have been better if he had worked on the project and used all the funds creating code that would get broken by new releases from maidsafe?
I understand your frustrated by the wait, but that’s for you to own.


Iirc, minting more coins to use on decorum was to be linked to the difficulty rises in btc, so to make more should be alot harder due to time that has elapsed and btc growing so much.
I would think that would push the value of your coins up once we are live.

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I don’t think starting development and showing the community some code or some kind of alpha should require SAFE to develop more.

I agree. I created the new topic Project Decorum status update? a while back. There you can find this:

Please continue this discussion under the new topic.


I agree with Panda and Sascha 100%. This has gotten ridiculous and investors should be offered refunds. Has anyone contacted the SEC?

What exactly is ridiculous?
Pls see the other thread.
David apologises for not getting solid api delivered.
Seneca is not a magician.


It is ridiculous that people in the crypto think they may want money that are not theirs. You bought something, a token. Where did the money you gave for the token go is not your business…

I’m curious about which specific API calls they’re dependent on which haven’t been delivered yet? Especially now we have browser native fetch calls, the API has recently become a lot more stable.


Baby Fleming arrives, trolls troll. Coincidence?

There’s no reason for this reaction. Anyone following Decorum knows the situation: there’s only so much that can be done before the APIs are available and there’s functioning network.

My own SAFE development is paused for the same reason.

Call out the trolling.


And that is a legitimate query.
I couldn’t answer it though.
And as you said “has recently become alot more stable”

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We lack the data types, permissions, tokens etc. Most of the API in fact is not available in safe-nodejs. We had a lot more in the past.


Specifically functions revolving around Maps and Sequences (or MutableData and AppendOnlyData).


Let a judge decide if it’s ridiculous. Does anyone have the website address from the PDC ICO?