Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)

Here is an interesting thought at least to my mind. Specific sites will use/implement the Decorum protocol. What if those sites could choose default moderator’s styles (the ability to override by each user would ALWAYS take president)? The popularity of those sites could then be used to fight the gaming of the system if those moderators were rewarded by the protocol itself.

This would be similar to how the popularity of sites will determine dev payments if that is ultimately included.


True it’s short and does describe the function pretty well. But, I can’t shake the feeling that it feels a bit weak though and maybe not professional in a way. I had a few mins so I scribbled down some suggestion, maybe there is some value to it.

  • Marks (short for marketing)
  • Decs (short for decorum)
  • PRT (PR token)
  • DFT (decentralized forum token)
  • Boost or Hype

I think whatever you end up deciding it will be important to do so based on where you want this thing to go. If every forum or community on safenet started using this platform in some way or form then it could really take off and create incredible marketing synergy (as if you didn’t already know that, hehe)

With this in mind though, what name does appeal the most to the ones who will buy these tokens… That’s the question I guess. One name could give the impression of something more valuable than another name. Maybe I’m putting to much thought into this idk. Again GL though :wink:


Thanks @Seneca that was bothering me and now the numbers tally.
Just for the sake of correctness you may also want to put them right in the thread Project Decorum: DECentralised fORUM (and protocol)

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Probably a dumb question…

What will be the relatioship betwen PDCs (or decorum token lenders) and Clikes?

According to documents and topics in the forum

PDC will be converted to Clikes when its all up and running at the rate of one to one

Is this still true? Just wondering because we’ve been going with Decorum for so long now


Based on the emission model, it sounds like the price of Clike is designed to remain stable. Is that true?

What specific benefit will Clike usage provide on the forum? Highlighted topic, pinned topic, etc.

If I invest right now will I get 15% crowdsale?

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You mean 15% extra coins? Yes, that’s for the first week. And the first week isn’t over yet.


So, those 50 million PDC’s will be evenly divided at the participants at the end of the crowdsale?
More participants means, the less PDC’s you will get per BTC?

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Yea, so many people bought in its not worth it anymore, I bought a few, but going to use the rest of my BTC to buy some SEC instead.

With a bonus for the early depositors (+15% first week, +10% second werk, +5% third week, 0% fourth/last week) but yeah, I guess that’s how it is going to work.

On the other hand, I’m not sure how the bonus is actually being calculated. Because, let’s say someone deposits $2,000 each week of the crowdsale, and the total funding becomes $200,000. This person should get 1.15% + 1.10% + 1.05% + 1% = 4.30% of the 50M PDC? That’s not possible…

A big forum catering to everyone probably isn’t the way to go.

Look at this forum, and notice that the same software is being used to run forums on all kinds of subjects, in different places and for very different groups of people.

If Decorum were to be a package with similar scope, i.e., a package that can run whatever forum subjects its administrator wants, but just on SAFE, then it will work. It won’t work as a big-tent service. People want their own tents.

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Project Decorum is about creating a protocol specification on one hand, and an implementation of it in the form of a reddit-like forum with extra social media features on the other hand. So yes, people can use the protocol to set up their own tents.

First week 1 MAID is 1.15 points, second week it is 1.10 points, third 1.05 points, last week 1.0 point. All points of all contributors are accumulated, and then you get Clike proportionally to your share in points of the total points.

For BTC, it is first converted to a MAID score using the past 24 hour weighted average BTC/MAID price of Poloniex, then the same applies.

The emission model has a stabilizing effect, but will by no means mean that the price will be stable or fixed. Generally speaking, when the price of Clike doubles, a mere 10% inflation would follow.


So if Facebook and Reddit hooked up and had a baby the result might be Decorum?

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Minus all the spy-ware!


HI guys,

I’m new here and I like whats going on here.

I’ve invested some money with several transactions. Now it seems, that the projects bitcoin address received the transactions via different addresses.
When I check the transaction id, the amount was first send to one address (none of mine and not the project address)…and thereafter to project decorums crowdfunding address.
Anyone with similar problems or an idea? -Thank You!

Transaction ID:

Can you post the transaction ID in question?

i added the ID in my original question.
I tried to send a small amount to this third address…seems that it belongs to me. The amount was send to my wallet. But I cant find this address anywhere xD

What wallet are you using?