Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)



Because I’ve seen this request multiple times by now I decided to just create one. @Seneca please let me know if you don’t like idea of the channel being around, also, Seneca, if you are a Telegram user just join and you can be admin. See this as a community project.
Join the chat at

edit: the reason ‘official’ is in the name is because projectdecorum is already taken on Telegram (it’s a spammers channel and I reported it).


Our latest version is having some page switch re-authentication issues on the Alpha network that were not present in the mock browser that we use for development. We’ll try to fix this and present the release ASAP, but it’s probable that we won’t make it today. Apologies for the delay!


No reason. Really, no reason!
Wishing you all the best.


Make sure you are using SB v0.7 (latest build anyway) because it has fixes for this issue (eg no longer frees handles on a url change without reload - hash fragment for example).

Using mock you might have a later browser build.


This fixed it, thank you so much! I actually was on 0.7 before but the binary web hosting manager didn’t work for that one, so I went ahead and downloaded the older version from For that version the web hosting manager binary worked so I could upload the website files, but then I didn’t think of switching back to the newer version!

Stay tuned, I’m going to test some more and if everything is in order I’ll share this with you guys and gals.


Please use that thread for all discussion concerning that release!


One question, we have a forum to speculate the price of Maidsafe but where should we speculate regarding PDC?


For the moment it should be OK for the very small amount of PDC speculation that has occurred in the past to be in the MAID price&trade topic. There is often a small amount of side talk about other coins in there. Its only if it gets too much that we need to do something about it. If the PDC price talk has more than the couple/few of posts a month then we can see about its own topic with similar restrictions.

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Hi, any news? Or is this project abandoned?


Hey @churro

@Seneca did post an update in another topic just 3 days ago Project Decorum - Wallet Release


thank you! read it now. well… this update doesn’t look too promising.


Just relax and be a little bit patient until the APIs have stabilized

In this early stage it’s not easy for devs to make stuff that keeps compatible with the network (… He already made a first forum poc on the old test network and the wallet app… So I assume he won’t rush too much with everything now because he doesn’t want to reprogram everything a couple of times ; )


Didn’t mean to fud. It’s only that I already bought my first PDC in June 2016 and yeah, maybe I’m running out of patience. I’ll just hodl.


Absolutely understandable… Turns out it all takes longer than everyone of us would wish :roll_eyes:

But as they say… Have the strength to change what you can and the coolness to accept the inevitable… In this case we first need a sufficient secure and reliable network… But progress can be seen all the time =) we’re on a good path as I see it (and hope I’m not wrong with my judgement)


At this time your investment is worth about 13 times more than in June 2016. Of course you could have won more in other investments but this world begin to lose all sense of proportion.


Dunno if this is the right thread so feel free to move to price topic if necessary, currently sub 10 cent decorum folks, if you have any spare $ floating around it’s a great little buy :+1:


Why is PDC pumping now? Why was it pumping on 14.2? It is second time this month the most profitable coin of the day on bittrex. Especially when MAID is dumping.