Project Decorum and SafeNet as a platform

Hi, has anything been produced for Decorum besides the wallet? Has there been a demo or video or anything like that?

Is SafeNet able to function as a platform for apps at this point?

It is functional for app development and testing, but the network is for test only so not for production apps.

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If SafeNet is a functional platform for testing apps does anyone know why we haven’t seen anything built on it from Decorum? We’re approaching 3 years since the crowdsale. Is there any public evidence of development?

How about an accounting of funds? Do we know how much of our investment has been spent and on what expenses?

Hi @maidsaferocks

Fair questions. After the wallet release we decided and announced we would try to step up our game in terms of development practices. The wallet software had quite a bit of technical debt (and thus probably insecurities), since we coded it relatively “quick and dirty”. A near complete rewrite of the wallet is necessary, and we want to prevent that with future releases.

For that purpose we had to setup a better development process (test driven development) and design a strong and secure architecture, which proved harder than we expected. We want a design with a proper division of responsibilities and permissioning between core libraries and the presentation layers that is both technically secure and understandable to the user. We want data structures that are generic enough and semantic so they can be used by other people’s software. We want to use libraries and languages that are secure, lean and well maintained.

In the meantime the app layer of SAFE has been in flux, and MaidSafe started introducing SOLID/RDF as a core component of SAFE app design. We’ve been learning about that and adapting to it. You can check bzee’s safedev profile activity to read about some of the difficulties, questions and discussions surrounding these topics. He and I form Project Decorum’s dev team so far, and since he has more web-app dev experience than I he communicates more easily about these things.
We could have given you more releases already of the same subpar quality as the wallet, but in the long run we believe that would’ve mostly been a waste of resources. We’ve made progress in all areas I mentioned in the second paragraph (in some more than others) and want to start sharing that in the near future.

As for funds, considering the stage of both the core and app layer of SAFE I decided early on to keep the team (and thus expenses) small for the time being. 100% of the received MAID and about 95% of the BTC is still there, and the net fiat value since the crowdsale is well over 500%:


Overall I think this was the right decision, many other teams in this space that received funding in cryptocurrency in the past years are now struggling because they let their liabilities explode in the 2017 bull market. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and as it stands we can keep going for a very long time.


Thank you for managing the funds conservatively. Would you consider allowing appropriately discounted redemptions of PDC for BTC or MAID? Perhaps starting at the 3-year mark.