Project Ara meets SAFE

I ran across this this morning and thought it would be awesome to put modular cheap phones and SAFE together. Can you imagine the possibilities?


This is backed by google, so how open source is it?

EDIT: I do like the idea. I’m just wondering.

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a\ctually it’s stil a developement project. But consider the fact you can install linux on an android phone or tablet. We’re talking hardware here. If we can get the modular hardware going then strip off the android OS and put on a Linux OS or SAFE OS instead.

I love Phonebloks

Snappy Ubuntu or firefox OS would be a great OSes for mobile now

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I think this is an awesome project, but I guess it may be harder to put linux on the Ara devices than a standard Android device because of the complexity of the drivers & code needed to get all the modules working, which probably won’t be readily available for anything other than android (and putting linux on a standard Android handset in place of Android isn’t easy either, unless you have an old HTC HD2, which you can do anything with!).

Even with Android though, running MaidSafe on this has many possibilities for additional functionality from modules that you can’t get on normal phones, as the cost of developing individual modules will be a lot less than developing a whole phone with non-standard features.

What hypothetical modules do you think could be useful on a phone combined with MaidSafe?

Maybe a SafeCoin / other crypto-currency vault module, like a built in trezor?