Programmer looking to get involved

Hello i have been looking into SAFE github and codebase lately and i am looking for a way to get involved.
What are my current options ? I looked into “Maidsafe Code Bounty program” but i am not sure if it is still alive.
My main proficiency is C++ with high interest in data oriented programming and performance focus. I understand that large part of core Safe codebase is written in Rust and i am prepared to delve into it when neccessary. My secondary focus is js/node.js and also C++ <-> js interop (emscripten, V8…)
I have great faith in project and its vision but until i have some idea of my own i would love to get involved in something aleady in motion.
Thanks in advance for your responses.


it wasn’t kept alive last time because it was a lot of work for maidsafe to maintain it and they had to solve difficult stuff at the same time. The next developer update (this evening) might get interesting for you

a valuable resource for getting started with developing for the safe network is the developer forum

ps: and if you are thinking about working for maidsafe i think they are still expanding the team (and plan on expanding even more early next year afaik)


The bounty program will be revised at some point because maidsafe are very keen on decentralising the knowledge and maintenance of the core as well as apps, but it is dormant for now.

So you are free to dive into any area, or to join in with others etc until you come up with a project of your own.

There are several things going on so hang out, poke apps and code, and see what interests you.

Welcome :slight_smile: