Prof Silvio Micali speaking in Glasgow

Maybe we will see some folks from Ayr there?

Or are you lot getting your own private audience? ;->

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@Southside planning on heading along to this one so will see you there

(btw just give us a shout if you want to get the Glasgow SAFE meetup moving at some point - I know @DavidMc0 and a few others would be up for it!)

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I’ll be talking to some peeps re getting a room for the next Scotcoin Glasgow MeetUp on Friday. I’ll double up and see if we can get Tues and Wed sometime in late November. I’m pretty maxxed out right now getting together. Any chance you could give us a few words at that event on 15/11/18? Would Maidsafe like to be represented?

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That’d be awesome if you could. If that’s difficult/expensive etc, a pub works just as well :wink:

Re the conference, far be it from me to turn down a speaking opportunity - but not sure how relevant SAFE would be for a Fintech-focused audience etc - happy to have a chat about it though if there’s an angle there that you think would be useful as you’ll know best as organiser!

One theme of the conference is Education -alongside Collaboration Communication and Jollification - lets educate these kids that the phrase they should be using is “Distributed Ledger Technologies” rather than just “blockchain”.

I’m hoping (just hoping so far) to get some breakout sessions organised- one of which would be generally around privacy.