Procter & Gamble aire: no where to run!


Foster Gamble spills elite beans in this movie. Its a bit like Zeitgeist movement stuff, starts heating up at the mid point. Some nice interview segments in it. Pro Austrian econ people will like the ending.

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Again, this is propaganda; you use proctor and gamble as a title, then link to an extremely dodgy pseudo scientific mysticism film - a film that even the people interviewed in it have publicly disassociated themselves from.

“In a similar fashion, propagandists may attempt to transfer the reputation of “Science” or “Medicine” to a particular project or set of beliefs.”


That apparently is the P&G aire or one of them. And anyone getting to the midpoint of the film will find him and his wife calling out other wealthy familes. He also discusses Austrian economics and other currencies and the Fed and possible approaches to get rid of the fed. Some of the Austrian economics stuff I find questionable, and I think they took Greenspan out of context with the Fed as independent agency clip. But seeing Dr. Brian O’leary professor of physics at Princeton and former astronaut say straight faced that he’s visited a hundred labs and so-called free energy tech works- that’s interesting.

@alkafir, whats up with the Primacy of Consciousness film- is Pete Russell too much of a Brit elite for you? Russel has the pedigree and is not fringe and in that film hes says some very intetrsting things about the physics of light.

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