Process from old model network to easy model?

I heard about that firstly network plan was complex and then u started again with a lot of easy (not complex) network plan from skratch.

And I am curious about process when or how u realize u did this change. U simply find easy model its better and therefore u did it or there was for example too much time with no progress or what


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I can’t obviously speak for anyone on the team, but being a long time follower of the project I have a more general thought about this I’d like to share.

When doing anything really novel (as the Safe Network is), you would probably IMO, think of many “parts” that might be needed to get it to work.

Over time, and as you build those parts and work to put them together, your imagination/intuition (regarding the parts and the function of the whole), grows and matures.

So in time you see what parts aren’t needed and maybe discover some new parts that are needed and hence the model and plans change/adapt.

I think that is what is happening with the Maidsafe team - they are simply going through the process of understanding how they need to proceed to complete the network. such understanding comes with time and effort - it is not something that can be known from the beginning.

I’d be a lot more worried about what the team was doing if they hadn’t changed anything or if the model was becoming more complex. As it stands, it appears to me that they are making good progress.