Problems with Omniwallet - Is it down? (Solved)

Hey all, has anyone else not been able to access Omniwallet? It seems to be not quite down but more like the homepage is screwed, no login option etc so it’s impossible to access my wallet.

I have my MAID currently stored there, as I’m sure do others. Anyone know how to get them out of there without logging in?

Probably just a glitch due to the recent update. I’m sure it will get resolved soon.

Please keep it on one topic, either this one or the other. We’ve got 2 topics with the same subject right now.

Sorry I thought I was going off topic on the other thread so wanted to start a clear and concise topic of its own

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Yeah that’s fine but the discussion kept going on in the other one too. Let’s keep the omniwallet problems in this one :smiley: .

Omniwallet works now. Just checked.


Was just chatting with the Dev’s and they fixed it while onto me…phew


Omniwallet is working again.

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If I send my maid that is in a wallet to the btc address in my omniwallet will it show up properly?? Also if I use shapeshift does it have to go to omniwallet to work?